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S & T - Science Fun

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Ask Dr. Science
Dr. Science knows more than you do -- he has a master's degree -- and is ready to take your questions about subscription cards in magazines, animal magnetism and buffalo wings. You can even listen to the doctor's RealAudio radio shows.

Bug Club, The
Treats insects with the reverence devoted to cult heroes. Kids, parents and the young at heart can learn something about creatures who eat leaves and have three eyes, or a zillion. Pose questions, find pen pals or sign up for the newsletter.

Craig's Scientific Journal
Pseudo-science publication explores real and imaginary phenomenon. Satirical offerings include such spoofs as handy uses for cats, strange properties of chemistry and other humorous fun.

Ig Nobel Prize Home Page, The
These annual awards honor people whose scientific achievements cannot or should not be reproduced. Listen to a RealAudio version of the most recent awards ceremony, and read about the questionable achievements of the winners.

Journal of Irreproducible Results
The Journal's pages are devoted to satirical articles about the scientific and medical communities, and although the Web edition only includes a small sampling of articles, the site also provides subscription info and a list of accolades.

Laboratory of Laughter
This science humor index offers plenty of ticklers for physicists, chemists and biologists, along with pokes at general science and links to other humor sites. Find out why God lost an NSF grant and how to be a politically correct biologist.

Laws that Never Made It into Your Science Texts
Twelve natural laws that are not recognized in the official scientific literature include the law of selective gravity and Jennings' corollary, the nonreciprocal laws of expectations and the unspeakable law.

Mycological Humor
If you've never been struck by the hilarity of mushrooms and other fungal life forms, this short page of jokes will open your eyes. Find out the preferred breakfast food in France and what to call a mushroom that buys all your drinks.

National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Institution
Take a tour of the museum or cruise the virtual cultural anthropology museum. Departments, exhibits, research programs and collections dive into anthropology, biology, entomology, invertebrate and vertebrate zoology, mineral sciences and paleobiology.

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Parodies & Pastiches
Summaries of a handful of parodies written by scientists or by writers having a scientific background include offerings from Isaac Asimov and K. A. Woolner.

Science Jokes
The ultimate catalog of scientific funnies, this collection arranges its offerings under descriptive headings that make it easy to hop to discipline-specific jokes, anecdotes about famous scientists and tongue-in-cheek commentaries on the academic life.

Strange Matter/Bacchanalia
The University of Waikato hosts this collection of cartoons and other scientific silliness produced by a lecturer in the school's chemistry department. The cartoon archive -- many are in full color -- tops out at more than 450 offerings.

Strange Science
Humorous look at early science focuses on historic misconceptions. For example, dinosaur fossils unearthed in the 17th century were dragon bones. Old navigational charts clearly show areas awash with sea monsters. Includes examples of scientific fraud.

True Science
For the first time, discover the unadorned facts about earwax, alien beings inside the common orange and white construction cone, the source of light in light-emitting diodes and the aura-detection algorithm of telescopes.

Wildlife Biologist's Joke Page, The
Intended to lighten the serious world of science, this site assembles a funny collection of jokes that make fun of professionals in the wildlife, biology and environmental fields.

You Can with Beakman and Jax
Why do feet smell? How does snot protect us? These are typical questions answered here. Adults may find it distasteful, but kids love that sort of thing, and they can learn about bacteria and how the body fights infections.

Yuckiest Site on the Internet, The
Gallery of grossness highlights Mother Nature's less palatable side. Not for the squeamish or people uninterested in worms, burps or the anatomy of a cockroach. There's a parent and teacher guide to the human body as well as one especially for kids.

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