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S & T - Mathematics
(Math Games)

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Brain Exerciser, The
Designed to appeal to math puzzle and game lovers, this selection of brain teasers is categorized by skill level -- mathematically challenged to mathematically advanced.

Clever Games for Clever People
You can play these games developed by mathematician John Conway just for fun, but you'll also learn how games can be used to describe numbers.

Combinatorial Game Theory
An introduction to the theory of combinatorial games is followed by annotated essays that describe various related projects.

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles
Choose from an array of games and puzzles based on logic, probability, basic math, algebra and other mathematical disciplines and approaches, consult the extensive glossary or link to other number-rich pages.

Interesting Mathematical Aphorisms
Strain your brain with these tricky math problems, but don't think you can bail out in the middle and check the answers. You must e-mail the Webmaster for the answers, and have to include your proposed solutions.

Lecture Notes on the Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube
Extensive set of lecture notes from a college course exploring the theory of the Rubik's cube puzzle.

Little Math Puzzle Contest, The
Weekly puzzles posted to the SchoolNet Listserv are compiled for use in classrooms across Canada.

Magic Cubes
Explore the mathematics behind the magic of magic squares -- arrays of numbers in which the sum of each row, column and diagonal is identical.

Magic Number
Use this interactive Java interface to try to stump the computer as it attempts to guess your magic number.

Magic Square
Explanations and examples of magic squares -- numerical arrays in which the sum of each row equals the sum of each column -- and the chance to construct your own via the interactive form.

Math Problem of the Week
A series of challenging problems that will keep math undergraduates busy with their calculators as they attempt to prove, define and solve these puzzles. Solutions are provided.

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Mathematical Games, Toys and Puzzles
Links to pages exploring various aspects of mathematical game theory and a good selection of online games, including Othello, Mancala and Quarto.

An interactive math game that tests your knowledge of logic, probability and statistics, and math history and trivia.

Mike's Page of Math Problems
Mike ranks his 80+ math problems and challenges by level of difficulty -- from basic math to integral calculus -- and provides answers and solutions.

Pi Trivia Game, The
Test your knowledge of history, mathematics and a little physics by answering fun pi-related questions.

Playful Thoughts
Play math games, enjoy math humor and tease your brain with mathematical puzzles and paradoxes.

Problem of the Week
The United States Military Academy's chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon posts a weekly math problem and pointers to past problems and solutions.

Web Wizard's Math Challenge
Register to participate in this ongoing Internet contest that pits your math skills against the skills of others as you attempt to solve a series of baffling puzzles. The problems are easy to understand but hard to solve, and speed counts.

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