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S & T - Mathematics

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Aardvark Press
Claiming to be the world's only publisher of mathematical humor, the press posts the tables of contents and selections from two of its books, along with prices and ordering instructions.

Adventures of Discriminate Boy
Follow the negative-dimension trials and travails of the Mathematical Super Zero in this ongoing saga. Share his sorrow as he is rejected by the woman of his dreams, embarks on an epic journey and displays his bad taste.

Bambad's Math Comics Page
Proving that mathematics really is a funny subject, this collection of comics manages to find the humor in square roots, curves, trajectory and right angles. Search for your favorite concept or browse the index.

Bibliography of Humor in Mathematics, A
Consult this list of books to find publications that include cartoons, an essay explaining the physics of a strapless gown, exposes of mathematical cranks, quotations about mathematics and even poems.

Brian's Page of Calculus Hatred
The calculus Christmas carol expresses the pain of this computer science major who just can't see a correlation between calculus and career opportunities. The top 10 reasons for hating calculus includes the moan that no calculus calculator exists.

Calculus Hater's Home Page, The
If you loathe calculus -- and don't most people hate it? -- here's a page designed to justify your abhorrence. Links to other calculus haters' pages follow the introduction, and if you're having trouble passing, the tutorial pointers may be some help.

Club Infinity Math Humor
York University's undergraduate math club offers its own collection of jokes with the disclaimer that they stink. Along with the usual engineer, physicist and mathematician jokes, find the characteristics of a physicist.

Evolution of Math Teaching
Poking fun at the way the focus of math education has changed in the past 30+ years, this page presents the same problem as it would appear in each decade from the 1960s to the 1990s. The changes in vocabulary are as funny as the mathematical differences.

Geometry Jokes
This collection of silly wordplay may be brief, but it covers all the angles. Enliven your next geometry class with jokes like What do you call a crushed angle? and What do you call people who are in favor of tractors?

Humor in Math
Short on jokes, but long on word play, this page provides the mathematical punch lines to jokes about a cursed Italian, an escaped parrot and a grown-up acorn.

I Hate Linear Algebra
You don't even have to really understand what it is to hate it, and this page explores a multidimensional loathing of matrices. Find out why the subject's so loathsome and meet fellow linear haters.

Impure Mathematics
Here's the story of pretty, convergent Polly Nomial who got into trouble when she entered a large matrix without her brackets on. More clever wordplay describes her factoring encounter with the evil villain, Curly Pi.

Ivars Peterson's MathLand: The Cow in the Classroom
This column by the math and physics writer at the publication Science News relates two anecdotes about his reading experiences with children. One book has a bovine class member; the other spoofs word problems.

Jacob the Mathematician
Jacob shares his research into mathematical concepts, and explains 4-dimensional tic-tac-toe, the logic of division by zero and the relation between fractal sine waves and telephone calls.

Just for Fun Page
A collection of links to amusing and potentially educational sites includes the 100,000 digits of pi, the mathematics online dictionary, calculus humor and an automated theorem prover called Deep Thought.

Los Angeles High School Math Exam
Parents raised the roof when math teachers actually distributed this updated version of classic word problems. The questions are designed to more adequately reflect real-world urban situations than the old yawns about trains and oranges.

Math Forum Internet Collection: Comics & Humor
Choose the unadorned or the annotated version of this catalog of Net humor; many of the entries deal with the subject of mathematics. Link to a page on paradoxes, comics collections and math jokes.

Math Humor Links
There's something for everyone at this lighthearted page, including stories for children about Archimedes and jokes galore about the subjects of mathematics and statistics.

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Math Hut
Clever Pizza Hut takeoff has a generous collection of slogans perfectly suited for geek T-shirts and bumper stickers, 15 pages of cartoons and 3 pages of quotations that offer reflections both silly and profound.

Math Jokes
The page is plain-text, but the content is full-fun. Large archive of one math joke inevitably following the other -- not quite to infinity, though -- includes silly stuff that kids will love and more complex jokes for college students and profs.

Math Purity Test
Take this interactive 60-question quiz to check your math purity. Be prepared to give honest answers to questions such as Have you ever used food doing a problem set? and Did you eat it all?

Math Teacher's Story, A
A single anecdote occupies this page, and tells the story of an Air Force math teacher's ingenious method of keeping his students attentive during an 8 a.m. class.

Mathematics & Education Quotation Server
This college math teacher uses a quote of the day to entertain his students and organize his lessons. He has cataloged his collection alphabetically by the last name of the author, and provides bibliographic citations when they're available.

Mathematics Humor
This collection of bad puns -- great if you like that kind of thing -- is the work of a math professor at the University of Windsor and his young son. Find word play with Newton, Laguerre and Barbie, and then link to the author's Queueing Humor page.

Mathematics Jokes
This huge compilation of jokes from contributors all over the world is arranged in discrete categories addressing general math, proofs, statistics, poetry, quotes and puns.

Mathematics Mnemonics
Having trouble remembering that sine equals opposite/hypotenuse and cosine equals adjacent/hypotenuse? Consult this collection of silly phrases that can help fix the concepts in your memory.

For more than 25 years, math students at the University of Waterloo have been putting out this paper with lots of humor and not too much math. Stacks of back issues are archived and searchable, and the Best of mathNEWS contains the jewels.

Power of 17, The
Become a member of an exclusive secretive society of real, hard-core mathematicians -- Scalars and Bowties -- who know that the number 17 is the most randomly picked prime number in the universe.

Proof that One Equals Two
Here are two separate mathematical progressions -- each beginning with an indisputable equation -- that prove the equivalency of the numbers one and two. Try to find the error before reading the solution at the bottom of the page.

Stupid Math Stuff
To prove that math is fun to people who haven't yet discovered its humor potential, this page offers actual quotes from professors, a collection of math jokes and math proofs.

Thirteen Misunderstandings in the History of Mathematics
Not for the math-history challenged, the humor of these 13 one-liners depends on the reader's background knowledge of such folks as Fibonacci, Michael Rolle and August Mobius.

Uselessness of Pi and its Irrational Friends
Rambling collection includes quotes, history, notes and a list of pi-related organizations, including a club for people who have memorized 1,000 digits of pi. If you want to try to join, the page offers mnemonic devices to help you remember the numbers.

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