Games Kids Play

The purpose of this page is two-fold;

- One, to let you remember some of those odd games we used to play and bring a smile to your face.
- Two, to try to catalog a fascinating piece of oral tradition, and make sure none of these games are ever lost forever.

There are hundreds of these games, and no one person has played them all. Plus there are undoubtedly hundreds more variations depending on where you grew up.  When you think of an un-listed game, please let us know. (Details at the bottom of this page).


500 Annie Annie Over
Bubble Gum Buck Buck
Camping Trip Capture The Flag
Car Games Cherry (or Stick Ball)
Crack the Whip DareBase
Dodgeball Doggy Doggy where's your Bone?
Down Down Down Drapeau
Duck Duck Goose Four Corners
Four Square Ghost in the Graveyard
Grapevine Hang Time
Head Catch Heads up Seven Up
Hide and Seek Honey Do You Love Me?
Hot Box Human Knot
Jacks Kick The Can
Kitty Corner Lion's Cub
Marco Polo Marbles
Maul Ball Mother May I?
Pom Pon Popcorn
Red Devil Red Light / Green Light
Red Rover Sardines
Sharks and Minnows Ship Captain
Simon Says Spud
Statue Statues
Steal The Bacon Tag
Tetherball Through the House
What's the Time Mr. Wolf?  
Picking Who Is "IT"  
Jump-Rope Rhymes  


Here is a partially indexed list of over 250 games!

How to submit a new game or a variation

Please send an E-mail message to and include the following information:

Your game's name

The rules of your game.


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