Crack the Whip

The kids usually played this at recess and should be prepared to get dirty.

You need at least probably 6 people for the game to be effective but the more the better.
You all hold hands like you would for Red Rover. 
Someone is picked to be the leader and someone as the caboose. 
The leader just starts running around like crazy and everyone else follows, being sure not to let go of hands. 
Eventually after everyone has been running with full speed and making sharp turns the caboose and/or people next to him get sent flying because of the force of everyone running and turning. 
This is a lot of fun but be prepared to get dirty if your on the end. 
Also the leader and caboose can use two hands to hold on to the one person the are connected to. The cabbose tries as hard as she/he can not to let go. 
(Holding on and flying around was usually funner then letting go and rolling to a stop  :)

Contributed by Julianne Brewer

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