Car Games

The ABC Game- Object to complete the alphabet first.  As you see the letters on billboards & liscense plates you shout out your letter and point.  Once a letter has been claimed other players cannot use the same letter.  Make it harder by limiting to only liscense plates or billboard signs.

The Theme Song Game- Just silly & fun.  One person hums the tune to a favorite TV show ex: Hawaii Five-0, Gilligans island, Flipper, Brady Bunch, etc...  the one who guesses does the next song.

Guess what I am- One person states they are either a person, place or thing and the others then ask questions (are you blue, can you speak, do you bark, can you be eaten, etc) until they guess what the person is, then they are next.

Contributed by Vicki Shaw

Alphabet Signs: [A variation of the ABC game above]

One person chose the right side of the road and the other person had the left.  The object of the game was to cite all of the letters of the alphabet ,in order, from a to z.  You could only use a sign for one letter.  The person on the left side usually had to sit sideways and read signs as they receded.  The first person to z won.


We also played a game we took turns naming animals (for example).  Each person would have to name another animal (no repeating) that started with the last letter of the last animal named.  This game could be played with cities (as we got older) or geographical regions (as we got older still).  We even have an 'expert' version where all the geographical regions must start and end with an 'a'. (AsiA, Aegean SeA, AmericA, AtlantA, etc.)

Contributed by Brian Litteral

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