You get a group of kids, (minimum 3, no max)and a ball (playground-type, red, or if you play with mean kids, a hard kickball-type). Determine who is "it" by yelling "not it" until the last person is obviously "it". "It" then counts to a predetermined number, usually 10. out loud. As he counts, the rest of the players scatter. When he reaches 10, they all freeze in their spot. Then "it" takes 4 giant steps towards the closest person (S-P-U-D) and throws the ball, trying to hit him or her. If "it" hits the person, the person gets a letter "S", if "it" misses, then "it" gets a letter. That person then becomes "it". The game continues until one person is SPUD (gets hit or misses 4 times). Eventually the game comes down to two people.

Contributed by Beth Skove


All players form a circle and count off (they must remember their number.) One player is chosen to be "it" and is given a playground ball. S/he throws the ball high up into the air and calls out another player's number. Everybody runs away except for the player with that number. S/he must run to the ball. When s/he gets the ball, s/he calls, "Spud!" very loudly. Everybody must freeze when they hear, "Spud!" Then, the player with the ball can take two big steps towards any player and throw the ball at him/her. If that player is hit by the ball, s/he becomes "it." If not, the player who called "Spud!" is "it."

Contributed By Sarah Buhman

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