Kitty Corner

or "Cats Get Your Corners"  (something like this)
[almost a dodgeball variation]

You pick someone to be it.  If you have a lot of people then you pick more than one "it".  There could be 5 or 6.  Everyone that is "it" gets a ball (like a standard red kickball)  All the cats pick a corner to stand in.  You also need someone to be sort of an umpire.  When everyone has a corner then the ump yells "cats get a corner"  Then everyone takes off running for the corner that is next. Everyone is suppossed to run in the same direction so no one should run into each other.  While the cats are running the "its" try to hit them with the ball.  If you get hit you stand in the middle by the person who hit you.  The "it" at the end with the most cats is the winner.  Or the cat that never gets hit wins too.

Now I played this at school in a gymnasium.  So the four corners were easy to stand at and the people that are "it" stood in the middle of the gym floor.  Our gym teacher was the umpire.

Contributed by Julianne Brewer

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