Sharks And Minnows

It was usually played in the pool, a person would get out of the pool and stand on the side with his/her back facing the other players(usually 2 or more players were needed)the players would all be lined up on one side of the pool, like a
race.A category was then picked, like kinds of dogs, colors, kinds of trees, etc.  Each player would pick a kind of dog, or whatever the category was.  When everyone was ready the person outside of the pool would start saying different kinds of trees, or dogs, or whatever.  Like if the category was colors I'd start saying orange, red, green, etc.
When the color that the player picked was said, he/she would go to the other side of the pool as quietly as they could (more than one person would pick the same color sometimes).  If the person outside of the pool would hear the player(s) swimming he/she would dive or jump into the pool and try to tag(touch) the person before he/she got to the other side.  If the player was not tagged the original person outside of the pool would go back out and continue saying colors.  If the player was tagged, he/she would then take the original person's place and start the game over or continue saying different colors.  Once all the players got to the other side, the game would start over.
Another way to play is by having the person be in the middle of the pool, facing the players, with his/her eyes closed.

Contributed by Ana

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