Buck Buck

Teams only could play this game.  At least 3 to 4 players on a side. 
One person would be the post, (standing up straight) while the others would all bend over in a line against the post. 
The opposing team would then (one at a time) leap as far as they could toward the post and when all were on, the lead guy would put up one hand with  1, 2, or 3 fingers showing and yell, BUCK BUCK YA LOUSY MUCK, HOW MANY FINGERS HAVE I GOT UP 1,2,3,OR NONE. 
If  the team that was down guessed correctly, they had a chance to jump, if not, they continue as they were.

Contributed by Jim Peters


[Johnny Ride A Pony]

Two Teams consisting of 3- 5 persons

One person would stand with their back to a wall. Other members of the team would bend down and hold onto one leg of the person in front of them. Like a line attached to a pole.

One player at a time from the opposite team must run and leap upon the first team. Each member of the opposition does the same in turn. Object is to force the team being jumped on to collapse. Each team takes turns and the team with the most wins, wins.

Contributed by Gary Scher


The group of kids divides into two groups.  In this game strong kids and heavy kids are a premium.  One team lines up in the following way:  the first kid bends over and wraps his/her arms around a tree or similar object.  The next kid bends over and hugs the first kid around the waist.  the remaining kids on the team do the same one after the other to form a "horse". The other team takes turns shouting "buck buck number 1(2, 3,...) coming!" then with a running start, jumping onto the back of the "horse".  Each kid stays on the horse while subsequent jumpers accumulate. The object is to see how many kids it takes to "break" the horse up. THE winning team is the one who held up the most kids.  There is some strategy involved both in forming the horse (deciding where your weaker players go in the line) and in the order in which kids jump onto the horse.

Contributed by Anna Tschursin

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