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Accurate Eye
Collection of ready-reference links for information seekers. Access everything from home-buying tips to a huge list of palindromes to horror movie star profiles. It's all here.

Awesome Library
Library posts thousands of carefully reviewed resources about, well, everything. To customize the database, click on Teachers, Kids, Teens, Parents or Community. You may also scan general topics and the index or conduct a direct search.

Cliffs Page
Studying literature has never been easier, and Cliffs also has StudyWare, interactive software for the GED, SAT and other national tests. Course reviews in math and the sciences will turn you into the coolest! Astound your teachers.

Elements of Style
Anyone who has taken a composition course will recognize Strunk's guide to the English language. The entire 1918 classic is here, from correct comma usage (for that time) to using the active voice. Links make it easy to get from one section to another.

Garbl's Writing Resources On Line
A resource for educators and students alike contains a useful directory of writing experts, style guides, word play and more. Got a particular question about the English language? Link to Miss Grammar from here.

Jesse's Word of the Day
Ever wondered about the origins of expressions like mollycoddle, bugaboo and in like Flynn? Turn to the senior editor of Random House's Reference Department. If your curiosity isn't sated by the list presented here, you can ask Jesse yourself.

Library of Congress, The
Browse reference materials and the card catalog; visit the copyright office and historical collections. The library lives up to its mission: to make resources available to the people. Find history, travel and job info, an events calendar, more.


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Merriam-Webster Online
How does a word get into the dictionary? What does the word nimiety mean? What does Old English look like? Find out from the online folks at Merriam-Webster. The online bookstore is full of good reference, business and light-reading books.

My Virtual Reference Desk
Simplicity prevails over aesthetics; however, the end result is your very own reference librarian. Material ranges from general dictionaries and encyclopedias to more specific resources such as Seniors Online.

National Archives and Records Administration
NARA is the agency responsible for managing federal government records. Find out what it does and procedures for reading documents under its control, such as John F. Kennedy assassination records, genealogy information and maps.

Project Bartleby
Bartleby's online library of classic literature is candy for lovers of great books. Taking its name and mission from Melville's stubborn scrivener, the project is one of the Web's most-read libraries. Check out Yeats, Keats, Frost and more.

Reference Desk, The: Martindale's
Links a-plenty here: to language dictionaries, educational and science sites, business law sources, entertainment and media locations, more. Check out such disparate items as an interview with John Travolta or tips on renewing your passport.

Billing itself as a one-stop reference desk, data-packed resource proves itself as useful as an elephant gun for anyone embarking on an information safari. Make use of biographical, financial, language and geographical tools -- all searchable, all free.

Students, the dark days of wandering through library stacks are over. Infonautics presents a handy resource for the online scholar. Access to documents jam-packed with facts and figures grant your paper the authority it needs to win an A.

Scholes Library Electronic Reference Desk
A very handy tool to find general references, electronic publications, phonebooks/area codes and government information. Check out the international time/date page, the weather, electronic thesauri and history and geographical links.

Virtual Reference Desk, The: Purdue University
If you need an answer to a nagging question, chances are you can alleviate your information-deficiency here. Link to many standard references, from the Oxford English Dictionary to the CIA World Factbook to phone books.

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