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Argus Clearinghouse, The
Categorizes and rates hundreds of indexes on the Internet, using an intelligent interface and five-star rating system. Either browse through categories or search for specific terms.

Awesome Library
Library posts thousands of carefully reviewed resources about, well, everything. To customize the database, click on Teachers, Kids, Teens, Parents or Community. You may also scan general topics and the index or conduct a direct search.

Electric Library
A small fee per month buys you unlimited online access to such diverse publications as The Ukrainian Weekly, Journal of Biological Rhythms and hundreds more full-text magazines and newspapers, including thousands of books, photos and images.

Internet Public Library
It's a bit like a real-life public library: friendly, helpful and sort of dowdy. Browse the list of hundreds of online books and periodicals, then check out special exhibits and the children's section.

Kids Web
Guide points kids right to the interesting, useful stuff. Organized into obvious categories, listed links include one or two lines of description. More of a homework helper than a playground, it has a small section with comic strips, MUDs and crafts.

Librarians Information Online Network
Philadelphia's school district posts warehouse of info containing anything from a summary of the Dewey Decimal system to advice for technophobic librarians who want to automate school systems. Ironically, LION is not as well-organized as it could be.

Libraries FAQ
Small site answers fundamental questions about libraries and library science and posts uncommon information on library culture, training and education.


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Libyrinth, The
Unusual homage to 20th-century writers who have created complex virtual worlds within their books by alluding to and generating interconnectivity and nonconsensual reality: James Joyce, Thomas Pynchon, Kafka, Umberto Eco, more.

Perseus Project
Encyclopedia of antiquities contains classic Greek literature rendered in both English and ancient Greek with copious hypertextual footnotes. Virtual museums post art images. Huge searchabe database of resources.

SunSITE Digital Collections
Sun Computer and Berkeley University team up to bring you a sizable storehouse of images and texts from a variety of eras. Take a tour of historic images from California's past, or access the full text of numerous Medieval classics.

UT Library Online
University of Texas at Austin's online library posts general resources such as newspapers, stats, demographics and electronic journals. Includes tax forms, national directory of law firms and a list of Pulitzer Prize winners. Searchable.

Wiretap Electronic Text Archive
Electronic archive taps into our accumulated knowledge. It remains true to its First Amendment-activist roots by focusing on fringe documents; however, literary classics and government papers appeal to mainstream sensibilities as well.

WWW Virtual Library Subject Catalog, The
Topically categorized links to sections of the virtual library. The library itself is a distributed resource -- meaning that individuals or institutions maintain the subject pages, which cover areas spanning from aboriginal studies to zoos.


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