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Anyday in History
Search for historic events, birthdays, deaths, MIAs and religious developments that occurred on any day of the year you select.

Daily Almanacs
Discover what interesting, important and epic things happened in history on any given day of the year by selecting a date from the calendar.

Information Please
Search through this online almanac to find general statistics, information and data on just about any topic.

Matrix Electronic Almanac
Utilize an electronic version of the traditional seasonal almanac. Select an activity and find out the day(s) to act.

Ohio's County Almanac
Census-style information for each of Ohio's counties and more -- famous people from Ohio, places to visit, elected officials. 

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Old Farmer's Almanac, The
The beloved almanac whose "main endeavor is to be useful, but with a pleasant degree of humour" has predicted weather, given us recipes and offered pithy bits of "weekly wisdom" since 1792. The online version of this classic keeps all the nifty features.

Philosopher's Almanac
Miami University's Philosophy Department is developing an online collection of biographies, essays and links.



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