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Become a member of 4Getnot.com and you'll gain access to unpublished phone, pager, fax and mobile numbers. The service includes e-mail addresses as well.

Search for a particular business or individual by name and state. 555-1212.com provides easy access to the white and yellow pages of major telephone companies all over the United States.

Ahoy! The Homepage Finder
Find the home pages of friends, enemies and everyone in between. You're required to know the person's first and last names, and it'll help if you know their organization and e-mail address. Plug it all in and await the URL.

Search through Anywho's 90 million business and individual phone numbers to find almost any number you're looking for. This directory includes fax numbers and e-mail addresses.

Barry University Phone Book Search
Got to get in touch with a faculty member at Barry University? You're in luck. This is a no-bones search service designed to get you hooked up with the particular staff member you need.

Internet "white pages" featuring searchable access to e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Caller ID Links
This is a directory of sites that in some way pertain to the telephone service feature Caller ID. Find pages of FAQs, potential problems, news articles, products, software and hardware.

CataList: The Catalog of LISTSERV Lists
From this page users may browse any of the nearly 20,000 public listserv lists on the Internet. Come here to search for mailing lists of interest and to get information about host sites.

ClassMates Online
ClassMates Online helps high school alumni friends find each other. Register yourself and roll the dice: you may be found, or you may locate your high school sweetheart.

Database PeopleFinder
Database PeopleFinder offers a neat twist on the usual phone number search. Type in a phone number that you already know, and find out who it belongs to! Or, use the traditional service and search out a phone number in the United States.

E-mail Address Directories: 555-1212.com
This is an e-mail address finder's equivalent of a meta search engine. This site offers three different finders to track down the e-mail address you're looking for, as long as you have some basic information.

E-mail Address-Finding Tools
An index of sites offering assistance in tracking down the e-mail addresses of friends, relatives, colleagues and acquaintances. White pages, WHOIS services, Finger services and a variety of Netfind services are featured.

ESP: E-mail Search Program
Track down long-lost friends and relatives using e-mail. Plug in his or her first and last names (spelled correctly, of course) and retrieve as many results as you specify.

Fast Area Code Look-Up: 555-1212.com
With new area codes being assigned almost weekly, it's tough to keep track of them. Find area codes by city name or state, or reverse the search and plug in an area code to get its location.

Find People: Infoseek Reference
Put Mickey Mouse to work for you with Disney-owned Infoseek's e-mail address and phone number/street address finder. Enter a person's first and last names and domain to get the data.

Use the Finger gateway to locate Web users currently online.

Finger Lookup: Inter-Links
Do you only have his or her e-mail address? Want to find out a little more? This service encourages you to enter a user's e-mail address and retrieve his or her whole name, user name and e-mail activity.

Forum One
Did a funny thing happen on your way to the forum last time? Don't let it happen again. Find the exact type of forum you want using this directory/locator site. Find forums by keyword or by browsing subject headings.

Online "white pages" offer mix-and-match searches for e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Greek American Telephone Directory
Send a donation to the Archive of Hellenism Project and receive a CD-ROM packed with names and phone numbers of more than 750,000 Greek-American individuals and businesses.

How to Contact a Celebrity
Celebrity information is available all, whether the stars like it or not. This page serves up directories of street addresses and e-mail addresses.

InfoSpace: The Ultimate Directory
Find most anybody, any entity and anything through this extensive collection of yellow and white pages, government and business listings, and international directories. Features include maps and reverse lookup options.

International Directories
Pick your desired country and then choose from a list of search services. Find business and individual phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses.

Internet @ddress.finder
You forgot her e-mail address for the nth time? So embarrassing! When you can't call a person and ask for it, use this handy service. Enter a person's name and other pertinent info you may know, and they'll find you that e-mail address.

Liszt: The Mailing List Directory
On one hand, this Web spider makes some lives easier by finding mailing lists from all over the Internet based on search criteria. On the other, the the fact that sending junk mail is easier means more stuffed recycling bins for the rest of us.

Look Up! Searching
Speed up your transition into the digital age by finding the e-mail addresses of friends, relatives and clients. This server matches names and e-mail addresses using both a basic and an advanced search mode.

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Lost Friends
Lost Friends provides a unique global search service. Instead of actively looking for a person, all you do is post their name and some pertinent information and hopefully they'll see it and get in touch with you.

Lycos PeopleFind
Find phone numbers, e-mail addresses and celebrities in the white pages, federal, state and local officials in the government directories, and business sites, fax numbers and toll-free numbers in the yellow pages.

MESA: MetaEmailSearchAgent
Put the power of eight e-mail search agents to work in your pursuit of that elusive e-mail address you should have written down. Although this service originates at a German server, all directions are in English.

PC 411
PC 411 maintains a database of more than 110 million telephone listings for the United States and Canada, including residential and business names, telephone numbers, addresses and ZIP codes. Download the software and give it a spin.

Simultaneously search four e-mail and phone number locator sites with a single entry. Enter your search terms, select four from the nine databases available, then hit go.

Aktiv IT offers an online service to make your phone-number searches a little easier. Click a continent and you'll quickly find phone and fax numbers for businesses and residents. Locate e-mail addresses, too.

Residential Directory Access
Search for telephone numbers corresponding to names or names corresponding to telephone numbers.

Search the List of Lists
Search this large directory of special interest group e-mail lists (also known as listservs) available on the Internet. Enter keywords or phrases and await your list of lists.

Seeker Magazine
The magazine for people seeking friends or family posts reviews of Internet search tools.

Quickly find people, businesses, Web sites and e-mail addresses with this suite of search engines. Or, if you need an online home, set up a Web site and open an e-mail box.

Find a person, business, Web site or e-mail address using the U.S.-based Switchboard service. Simply enter your desired name and location, then sit back and wait for your results.

Telephone Directories on the Web
Telephone Directories on the Web allows access to the White and Yellow pages of the world. Find a business or individual phone number, or even check out television listings around the world.

Toll-Free Internet Directory: AT&T
The proliferation of Web sites these days is reminiscent of the proliferation of 800 numbers several years before. So it seems fitting to have a Web site that's a directory of toll-free numbers. Find numbers by business name or vice versa.

U.S. Army World Wide Locator Service
Official U.S. Army information for locating active military personnel.

Ultimate Web Pages
The Ultimate White Pages is similar to a meta search engine. Type in the name of the person or business you're looking for and UPW will search through several online directory services to get you quick and painless results.

Ultimate White Pages, The
A residential telephone number database, complete with "reverse lookup" capabilities.

Usenet-addresses (MIT)
There's more at MIT than Good Will Hunting, there's Usenet address hunting. Search for addresses from over 4 million in this database by entering the proper information into name and organization fields.

W.E.D.: The World Email Directory
Online Internet database search engine doesn't require you have a user's name to find his or her e-mail address. It will take what you can give it -- a partial e-mail address, a zip code, phone number, what have you.

Where Did They Move To
Where Did They Move To is a database that documents when people or companies change their name, address, phone number, e-mail account or home page. Don't get frustrated; give them a try first.

White NetPages
This business tries to remain attentive to people's need for privacy and does not randomly collect addresses. They only accept voluntary submissions. Find an address here by typing keywords in the search field.

Look up e-mail addresses, phone numbers, home and business addresses, Web pages, federal government officials and even an ancestor or two. Jobs, cars, loans, apartments and other personal items are also only links away.

World's Phone Books
Use the World's Phone Books as a one-stop guide to the White and Yellow pages of the world. Some country lisitngs include fax directories and address search options.

Business Find, People Find and Government Find are only the beginning. There's also E-mail Find, Web Find and locators for several special interests like automobiles, restaurants, travel and classifieds. Need a map? Got those, too.

Yahoo! People Search
Employ these search forms to find e-mail addresses and telephone numbers. The SmartName feature enables the search engine to return results that include name variations.

Zip Code Lookup and Address Information
The good old U.S. Postal Service (a.k.a. snail mail) posts some highly useful resources. Find zip codes for known addresses. Learn which cities and zip codes are associated with each other, and read questions and comments.

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