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Atlapedia Online
If you're curious about the geography of New Zealand or the prominent religions of Turkey, you'll find your answers here. Each country profile bears maps and facts about geography, climate, people, history, culture and economy.

Best of Kidopedia, The
A Kidopedia is an encyclopedia written by children. Schools across the world are making their own Kidopedia's, and the best articles from each are collected here.

Britannica Online
The world's foremost encyclopedia offers a seven-day free trial to let you decide whether to subscribe. Fully searchable and browsable by subject, the database contains hundreds of articles not found in the print version. Rates are $12.50 per month.

Catholic Encyclopedia, The
New Advent maintains this extensive encyclopedia of information related to Catholicism with the help of volunteers and donors.

Encyberpedia is a free online service that categorizes Internet links by subject area, much like a traditional encyclopedia.

Encyclopedia Geas, The
Here you will find endless articles on role playing, reviews of books and systems, definitions of role-playing terms and acronyms as well as musings upon the nature of the hobby itself.

Encyclopedia Mythica, The
Greek gods, Japanese deities, gnomes, fairies and dragons: the myths of many cultures are compiled here. Plug into the search engine to comb a cache of 2,300 definitions with links to related terms. The lay mythologist will love the easy access to info.

Encyclopedia of Canadian Rock, Pop and Folk Music
Written by music writer Rick Jackson, this database chronicles -- by artist -- the history of Canadian contemporary music from the 1950s to the present. Every entry includes a short artist or band biography and discography.

Encyclopedia of Middle-Earth, The
The Encyclopedia of Middle-Earth is the perfect companion reference to use when reading the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Find out all the details about characters, places and things in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and other Tolkien books.

Encyclopedia of the Mouse Genome
The Encyclopedia of the Mouse Genome gives a clean, sharp graphic display of mouse genetic maps with a flexible user interface.

Encyclopedia of Women's History
The Encyclopedia of Women's History was written by and for the K-12 classrooms. The encyclopedia currently contains entries from students in grades one through 12 which have not been edited for grammar or content.

Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Preprints and links to Smithsonian Web sites have been compiled to answer frequently asked questions and provide research guidance to the public.

Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
Are the grooves of your "Dark Side of the Moon" LP worn thin? This survey is designed as a reference for you to discover progressive rock bands that are unfamiliar and to broaden your listening horizons. 

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International Financial Encyclopedia
Utilize an interactive financial encyclopedia that is designed to be used in conjunction with Information Innovations Guide to Management and Technology and other finance information databases.

Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia
Kids can access free information on a variety of different subjects, right from their computers. A great reference for homework and reports!

Mad Scientist Archives
Survey thousands of answers to science questions submitted to the faculty, staff and students of Washington University. Students can run searches for answers relevant to their grade level.

Microsoft Encarta Concise Encyclopedia
Access a free concise encyclopedia that contains 16,000 articles and more than 2,200 photos, illustrations, maps, charts and tables.

North Carolina Encyclopedia
The State Library of North Carolina designed this encyclopedia to give you an overview of the people, the government, the history and the resources of North Carolina.

Perseus Project
Encyclopedia of antiquities contains classic Greek literature rendered in both English and ancient Greek with copious hypertextual footnotes. Virtual museums post art images. Huge searchabe database of resources.

Ranger's Canine Encyclopedia
Ranger's Canine Encyclopedia is a categorized collection of links to Internet sites devoted to particular breeds and types of dogs.

Shi'ite Encyclopedia
Learn about the traditions of Shia Islam. You can view the chapters of the encyclopedia online or download a text version to your computer.

Sloane's Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
Sloane's online encyclopedia allows you look up sequences or pick them at random from the table. Send in a new sequence or comment on existing ones.

TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia
Don't know your RAM from your ROM? Confused by computer lingo? The Technology Encyclopedia contains over 10,000 definitions of technology and computer terms and concepts to help you keep up.

Useless Information
Useless Information supplies over 60 fascinating true stories to interest you. "Stuff you never needed to know but your life would be incomplete without."

Virus Encyclopedia, The
From this page you can browse or search for detailed descriptions of all kinds of nasty computer viruses. Database features viruses that are know to be 'in the wild' or are of particular interest.

World Wine Encyclopedia
Access information about specific regions, grapes, types of wine, quantities, characteristics and prices from around the world.


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