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About.Com (Biology)
THE starting place for exploring Biology. Let Regina answer any questions you have. Real people helping real people.

Access Excellence's What's News
Reports on new developments from all areas of biology are gleaned from a variety of sources including journals, conferences and the Internet.

BioChemNet, The
Surf a categorized index of online educational resources for biology and chemistry.

Follow links to various biology databases, biotechnological companies, literature search engines, clinical trials and journals.

BioList is an attempt to organize and localize the rapidly expanding number of biologically oriented web sites.

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National Biological Infomation Infrastructure
The NBII is an electronic gateway to biological data and information maintained by federal, state, and local government agencies; private sector organizations; and other partners around the nation and the world.

Browse a large collection of "extremely disorganized" biology links.

Biology Legacy Site o' Sites
This site is an attempt to organize some of the biology sites on the Web so that they may be more usable and helpful resources.

BioSites is a current listing of important Internet resources in the biomedical sciences.

Canadian Biological Server/Pages
An index of regional Canadian biology resources is organized by state.

A virtual tour of a cell introduces fundamentals of cell structures and properties.

Homepage for Biological Sciences
Yuerong Zhu provides links to biological servers, databases, journals and software.

Internet Resources: Biology
The U.S. Geological Survey maintains this registry of Earth and Environmental Science Internet resources as a service to the research community.

Tree of Life Project
A model of life form interrelationships and exhaustive biological resource. Skim the glossary and the intro to phylogenetic biology before you begin your climb up the tree toward sac fungi, jumping spiders, frogs and amniotes.

Virtual Cell
A collection of still images, text and movies detailing the structure and function of a typical plant cell. Zoom in on, rotate, cut a cross section of an image, even view 3-D stereographic images. Check out parts of the cell through a electron microscope.

WWW Sites for Biologists
Biologists access online research resources such as catalogues, tutorials, databases and documentation.



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