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Academic Innovations
Workshops and career seminars for guidance couselors and instructors bring academic professionals the latest technological and theoretical methods.

Academic Net
Academic Net directs teachers and administrators to publications and conferences exploring the intersection of technology and education. Visitors should take advantage of a search engine to rake through the database for your particular discipline.

Center for Educational Outreach and Innovation
The Teachers College at Columbia University operates this experimental facility. You may read its newsletter, take advantage of its links, keep up with innovations in distance learning and more through the site.

Cornell Theory Center Math and Science Gateway, The
The Internet can be a great teaching tool, and Cornell University wants to help young people benefit from the Net's educational potential. To this end, its Math and Science Gateway offers links to excellent educational sites for high school students.

Educator's Toolkit, The
Directory of education and art links bursts with leads to special education sites as well as more teaching resources and lesson plan ideas. A newsletter lists the 50 most compelling sites.

IBM K-12 Education
Promotes IBM educational software for teachers. Offers technological solutions to teaching condundrums and helps institutions meet federal requirements with creative curriculum development.

How can I get first-graders interested in math? How do I deal with problem children? These are a few of the questions that Scholastic.com addresses in this Web-zine. Posted are articles about classroom management and curriculum strategies, contests, more.

Intel in Education Home Page
Semiconductor giant enthusiastically nurtures the next generation of high-tech developers and its educators. Learn how to get financial and technological support, including scholarships and funding, job training, classroom equipment and software.


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Media Awareness Network
Gives parents and teachers the tools they need to teach media literacy at home and in school. Suggests ways to convey abstract concepts to kids to help them understand what they see on television and read in the news.

Mission: Critical
Designed to sharpen critical-thinking skills, interactive learning tool pairs instructional text with quizzes designed to hammer home concepts such as conditional chain arguments and fallacious appeals. Logic lessons help clear up fuzzy thinking!

National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education Through Technology, Media and Materials
Introduces special education teachers to technologies that assist students. Video and a guided tour of two exemplary classes illustrate how students use these aids.

National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education and intended to improve language and cultural education for individuals learning English as a second language. Focuses on disseminating materials, building a network of educators and deploying resources.

Odyssey of the Mind
Nonprofit program teaches divergent thinking and problem-solving skills to kids using challenging activities both inside and outside classroom environments. Suitable for kindergarten through college. Features local, national and international competition.

Outreach: National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Provides technical support, general information and financial assistance to schools around the country. Offers partnerships with schools and information kits designed for both administrators and educators.

Regional Alliance for Mathematics and Science Education, The
A model of how properly managed networked resources can play a pivotal role in developing effective learning programs. Bent on reforming math, science and technology education in the United States.

Resources for Kindergarten Teachers
The hedgehog is your online mascot for a tour of teacher resources. Leads you to CD-ROM, book and movie reviews, tips, school reform articles, links to other educational sites and, oddly enough, articles about Prague, Czechoslovakia.

Informative resource for teachers posts a reference desk, chat, lesson exchange and more, delivering news, language and curriculum resources and information about people and places. There are also job and mentor centers.

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