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AT&T Learning Network
An absolutely necessary bookmark for schools entering the brave new digital world. Among its offerings: free software, hardware and teacher support, resources for educators and grants.

Consortium for School Networking (CoSN)
Nonprofit organization promotes the use of telecommunications in K-12 education to improve learning. Members represent state and local education agencies, nonprofits, companies and individuals who share the vision.

Site helps teachers hunt down online educational resources around the world, follow trends in education policy, read computers-in-classroom success stories and much more.

From Now On: Educational Technology Journal
A solid professional journal for those engaged in the wired classroom revolution, particularly administrators. Topics include use policies, wired libraries, networks, staff development and tech planning.

International Society for Technology in Education
ISTE promotes thoughtful and pedagogically sound uses of technology to enhance teaching and learning. Site offers legislative updates, links to conferences, book information and more.

K-5 CyberTrail
Created by public broadcaster WHMT in Troy, N.Y., this open site is perfect for K-5 educators new to the Net. It has educational resources, class projects and a look at how innovative elementary schools are using the Net.

Microsoft in Education
Site features MS' two education-oriented online magazines, The K-12 Connection and Higher Education. Loads of useful and classroom-applicable articles. And it's free. For now.

Multimedia Teaching Strategies Project
Helpful site for teachers introducing multimedia technology into the classroom. It offers resources, concepts, models and a guidebook.

Net Shepherd, Inc.
Like it or not, most school districts require filtering of Web sites. This Canadian company's creation differs from blacklists and blockers in that it works along with your browser to let you rate Web sites.

Online Internet Institute
NSF-funded group helps teachers restructure curriculum and infuse technology into the curriculum by providing them with a learning environment to support the integration process.


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Professional Development Forum
Break your classroom isolation and turn to this forum to ask questions about technology in school, and get feedback from fellow educators. Hosted by the South Central Regional Technology in Education Consortium

Responsible Behavior on the Internet
Help with Netiquette in the wired classroom from the Paideia School of Atlanta. The excellent handbook is based on the work of Arlene Rinaldi of Florida Atlantic University.

This server-based solution uses a rating system to keep truly indecent material off the classroom computers while letting you access inoffensive sites other filters might exclude.

Sample Technology Plan
Terrific "template" your school can use to develop a technology plan to meet the requirements of the Universal Service Fund and the Technology Literacy Challenge. Sections on needs assessments, curriculum integration and more.

Scout Report, The
Info Scout and the InterNIC teamed up to create this weekly publication, which provides a sampling of the best of newly announced Internet resources of interest to teachers and administrators.

This greybeard, at least in Web years, makes customizable filtering solutions for networks and individual computers. It blocks access to over 100,000 explicit sex, violence, drug and gambling sites, including chat and FTP spots.

Technology Curriculum Integration Ideas
Puzzling over how you can use the humongous amount of resources now available through the Net? Try this site, put together by fellow teachers. Covers the gamut, from general principles to specific courses.

The University of Minnesota project is designed to facilitate the introduction of technology into K-12 schools. It helps schools set up Net servers, links them to each other and helps them find resources.

WebTeacher Tutorial
Great online training about the basics of using the Web, e-mail, listservs and newsgroups, creating Web sites, TCP/IP, ftp, Telnet and more. Sponsored by the National Cable Television Association and Tech Corps.

WWW Tools For Instructors
An especially good site focusing on the infrastructure tools needed to support delivery of material and the administration of learning tasks. including FAQs, quizzes, grading and teacher/student interaction.

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