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Find articles from Florida State University concerning behavior problems in the classroom and possible remediations for them.

Behavior Home Page, The
Collaboration of the Kentucky Department of Education and the University of Kentucky provides schools and parents with information about effective behavior-problem practices and the challenges young people face in school.

Better Classroom Discipline: 11 Techniques
Adapted by Budd Churchward from A Primer on Classroom Discipline: Principles Old and New by Thomas McDaniel, these techniques can be used to achieve effective group management and control in the classroom.

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
The CCBS site on education provides parents, teachers and scholars with information on effective behavioral techniques for educating children and adults. A section on autism is located here.

Childright Education Programs
These books, tapes and seminars offer practical information and tips to help parents and educators effectively discipline children and, at the same time, teach life lessons and responsiblity for their actions.

Discipline By Design: Honor Level System
Information on a discipline program in use in a number of schools across the United States. Topics include 11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline and Discipline Techniques That Backfire.

Fred Jones Positive Classroom Management
Is your classroom out of control? You might want to look into these books and tapes focusing on the nuts and bolts of classroom application management, illustrated with real life examples.

Inappropriate Behavior: Finding the Function
Written by Ann N. Fallgren of the Hermosa Beach School District, this article details how the district's intervention teams zero in on the causes of inappropriate behavior.

Managing Disruptive Behavior in Inclusive Classrooms
The article by Vera I. Daniels goes beyond the standard classroom discipline problems to focus on disruptive behavior of students with disabilities, and the special approaches needed to correct it.

Positive Classroom Management
Practical strategies to help teachers at all levels manage classrooms effectively, without resorting to methods that rob students of their dignity. Features a step-by-step guide with checklists.

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Positive Discipline: A Teacher's A-Z Guide
Guidebook, one of a series, to an array of problems teachers face -- from gum chewing and name calling to bullying, sexual harassment and gangs. Applicable to all grade levels.

Preventing Classroom Discipline Problems
This training video and book by Dr. Howard Seeman -- for teachers and prospective educators -- discusses the diagnoses, prevention and handling of actual classroom disruptive behavior. Can be ordered online.

Responsible Thinking Process, Inc.
Information on a discipline program that creates mutual respect based on perceptual control theory. Students learn the skills of thinking, making plans so that their actions won't conflict with others and other skills.

Right Choices
The video-driven educational training and prevention resource for adolescents claims to reduce conflict/violence incidents by 50 percent. The program won a Department of Education award.

School Discipline Manager
Software keeps up-to-date record of discipline information for the assistant principal. It tracks 29 different infractions in up to 15 different locations.

School-Wide Behavioral Management Systems
Article takes an in-depth look at choosing and implementing behavioral systems meant for administrators. From Research Connections, sponsored by the U.S. Office of Special Education Programs.

Special Class: Behavior Disordered Students
Here's an explicit example of how Taft Middle School of Cedar Falls, Iowa, handles behavior problems.

Stop Student Sexual Harassment Now
Detailed article from the NEA gives timely advice on handling sexual harassment in schools. Using a Q&A format and employing examples, it helps clarify a sometimes confusing topic.

Whirling Rainbow Society
Iowa firm offers technical assistance, education and information about positive behavioral supports to educators and others. Services include functional assessment, inclusive education, schoolwide discipline and team skills.


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