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New U.S. Government Information Online

Almanac of Politics and Government  

Background Notes
(State Department) Country profiles

Bills Full Text - 105th Congress
(1997-98) and Bill Status (1997-98)

Bills Full Text - 104th Congress (1995-96) and Bill Status (1995-96)

Bills Full Text - 103rd Congress (1993-94)

Bills Full Text - 102nd Congress (1991-93)

Bills Full Text - 101st Congress (1989-90)

Bills Passed Into Law - Full Text Public Laws (1995-98)

Budget of the United States

Campaign Finance Data (Center for Responsive Politics)

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
Federal grants

CD-ROMs issued by the U.S. Government (University of Virginia)
This database indexes CD-ROMs distributed to U.S. Government Depository libraries. Most are available in the PCL and Public Affairs Libraries.

Census and Other Statistical and Demographic Data Online

Census Bureau - Main Data Bank

Census Bureau Publications in PDF

Census - Historical U.S. Data (1790-1970) 
National data

Census Lookup
Search extensive data files taken from the 1990 Census CD-ROMs

CIA World Factbook

Code of Federal Regulations (GPO/National Archives)
Not all titles are online. Use Lexis (Library: Genfed File: CFR) for complete coverage.

Commerce Business Daily (COS)

Commerce Business Daily (GPO Access)

Condition of Education 1998 Issued July 1998

Congress - Biographical Directory (1774-present)

Congress - Dates of Sessions (1789-present)

Congressional Directory (GPO Access)

Congressional Documents 
(Senate, House and Executive Report Series)

Congressional Hearings (GPO Access) (1998-current, incomplete coverage)

Congressional Information (GPO Access)

Congressional Quarterly Vote Watch (Pathfinder)
Voting records for each House and Senate member and background articles on the legislation

Congressional Record Full Text - 105th Congress (1997-98)

Congressional Record Full Text - 104th Congress (1995-96)

Congressional Record Full Text - 103rd Congress (1993-94)

Congressional Record Full Text - 102nd Congress (1991-92)

Congressional Record Full Text - 101st Congress (1989-90)

Congressional Record Index (1983-current)

Congressional Reports (Senate, House and Executive Report Series) (1995-current)

Constitution of the U.S. (Emory)

Consumer Information Catalog

Consumer Price Indexes Home Page

Basic Information

Copyright Search (Library of Congress)

Country Studies / Area Handbooks
Extensive information on foreign countries. Searchable database.

County and City Data Book (Univ. of Virginia Libraries)
1988 and 1994 editions

County Business Patterns (Univ. of Virginia Libraries)

County Business Patterns (Census Bureau)

Crime Statistics - Publications of the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Crime Statistics - Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Crime Statistics - Uniform Crime Reports - 1995-1997 in PDF Format (FBI) Published Nov. 1998

C-SPAN Online

Current Population Reports - Black Population

Current Population Reports - Foreign Born Population

Current Population Reports - Hispanic Population

Directory of U.S. Government Employees (WhoWhere) and Government Agency Directories

Documents in the News (University of Michigan)

 Economic Indicators

Economic Report of the President (GPO Access)

Economic Report of the President (OMB)
Includes most recent update

Federal candidate campaign contribution data. Search by name, state or zip code of contributor and more.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

EDGAR (Securities and Exchange Commission)
Contains the full text of all documents filed electronically with the SEC since 1/1/94 (10Ks, 10Qs, Prospectus, etc.)

Energy Department (DOE Reports Bibliographic Database)
Jan.1994 to present

Federal Register (Community of Science)

Federal Register (GPO Access)

Federal Register (Table of Contents of current issue)

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Federal Locator Services (GPO)

Federal Web Locator (Villanova)
Links to all U.S. Government sites

Statistics from more than 70 U.S. Government agencies

FedWorld (U.S. National Technical Information Service)
Including full text from their ftp site

General Accounting Office (GAO) Reports

Government Asset Sales (FinanceNet)

Government Contractors Database
Information about specific companies, rankings, etc. for major contractors

Government Information Locator Service (GPO Access)

Government Manual (National Archives/GPO)

GPO Access Home Page (U.S. Superintendent of Documents)

GPO Access Databases 
(Bills, Congressional Record, Federal Register, GAO Reports, etc.)
Web version from the U.S. Government Printing Office - Web users should try this version first

GulfLINK: Persian Gulf War Illnesses Home Page (DTIC)
Includes full text of many declassified documents

Links to government health information

Hearings, Copngressional - Full Text (GPO Access)  
(1998-current, incomplete coverage)

House Committees

Human Rights Practices Country Reports (U.S. Dept. of State)

Laws - Full Text of U.S. Public Laws

Library of Congress Home Page

Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications (GPO)

National Archives and NAIL (National Archives Information Locator)

National Political Index
Links to thousands of political Web sites

National Security Archive (Declassified Government Documents)

National Technical Information Service
Includes product catalogs.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars (FinanceNet)

PAC (Political Action Committee) Contributions (FECInfo)

Plum Book (GPO)

Press Releases from the U.S. Government (U.S. Information Agency)
Includes press releases from the White House and State Dept. and other transcripts

Regional Economic Information Service (Univ. of Virginia Libraries)

Salaries of U.S. Government Employees (U.S. Office of Personnel Management)

Sales Product Catalog (GPO)
Current database of publications available for sale by the U.S. Government Printing Office

Senate Committees

Social Security Death Index

Social Security Handbook

Standard Industrial Classification Manual (OSHA)
Searchable database of the 1987 edition (latest)

STAT-USA Internet (including National Trade Data Bank)

State of the Nation  
(Current and historical economic and financial releases and economic data)

(Trade-related releases, international market research, trade opportunities, country analysis, and the National Trade Data Bank trade library).

State Department

State Department Travel Advisories

Statistical Abstract of the United States (1997)

Statistics and Demographics Page

Supreme Court Decisions 1937-1975 (FedWorld)

Supreme Court Decisions 1990-present (Cornell Law School)

Survey of Current Business (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)

Tax Forms (Internal Revenue Service)

Tax Forms - text only, may be faster (Internal Revenue Service)

Tax Publications (Internal Revenue Service)

Texas Government Information

Thomas: Legislative Information on the Internet

United Nations Information

U.S. Code (Cornell Law School)

U.S. Code (GPO Access)

U.S. Code (U.S. House)

U.S. Government Manual (National Archives/GPO)

Vietnam and Korean War Casualty Lists (National Archives)

Vietnam War Era POW/MIA Database (Library of Congress)

Vital Records - Where to Write for Vital Records

Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents

White House Press Releases

Yahoo - Government

Zip Code Lookup and Address Information
(U.S. Postal Service)






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