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State of Texas: Government Information 
(Dept. of Information Resources)
Main Texas Government Web Page

Find Your Incumbent

Texas Administrative Code

Texas Almanac

Texas Attorney General

Texas Constitution

Texas Department of Agriculture

Texas Department of Commerce

Texas Department of Health

Texas Economic and Population Growth Data 
(Window on State Government)

Texas Department of Economic Development

Texas Department of Public Safety - 
Convictions Records Database

Texas Education Agency

Texas Electronic Ethics Reporter

Texas Electronic State Business Daily
Texas state government purchase bid opportunities above $25,000 are included in this database

Texas Fact Book

Texas General Appropriations Act (1995)

Texas House of Representatives

Texas Judicial Server

Texas Legislative Reference Library






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Texas Legislature Online
Bill and committee information, Texas Statutes, live audio of the Texas House and more.

Texas Legislature - Bills  
(1993-present) Search for bills by author, committee, subject, action, or keyword.

Texas Legislature - Numerical lists of Bill titles, most recent session

Texas Local Government
Including Austin

Texas Lottery Information

Texas Music Office
Includes Internet Guide to Texas Music

Texas News and Newspapers
Online news from Texas newspapers, television and radio stations

Texas One - Information Resources For Business 
(Texas Department of Commerce)
Register online

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Texas Performance Review

Texas Public Records (PublicData)
Commercial firm selling drivers license records, criminal records and other public data via the web

Texas Senate

Texas State Data Center including Online Data for Texas

Texas State Electronic Library (Texas State Library)

Texas State Government Telephone Directory 
(General Services Commission)

Texas State Law Library

Texas State Publications (Texas State Library)
Index to Texas government publications 1994-1996

Texas Statutes (Texas Legislature Online)

Legal news and information from the publication Texas Lawyer

What's New In Texas (Texas Department of Information Resources)

Window on State Government (Comptroller of Public Accounts)

Telecommunications Issues in Texas

Texas Border Database



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