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Texas Statistical Sources

Austin Growth Watch Report

Capital Area Planning Council
Includes 1997 population estimates for places in central Texas including Travis County

Community Profiles - Central Texas (LCRA)

Community Profiles - Parts of North, East, West and Central Texas (TU Electric)

Online Data for Texas (Texas State Data Center)
Includes a variety of population estimates and projections for cities, counties and the state

Population and Water Use Statistics (Texas Water Development Board)

Includes Texas County Population Projections to 2050

Texas Community Profiles (Texas Dept. of Economic Development)

Texas Economic and Population Growth Data (Window on State Government)

Includes Population Forecasts for Texas Counties by Race/Ethnicity 1990-2030 and Population and Economic Detail
Texas State Data Center and their Links to Other Texas Data

United States Statistical Sources

American Demographics Magazine
Searchable database of full text articles

American Housing Survey

Census Bureau - Main Data Bank
Look here first for census data

AMS HomeFinder Relocation Resource Center
Community Profiles

Census Bureau Publications in PDF
Most major Census Bureau statistical series are available, usually for recent years only

Census Data (Government Information Sharing Project)

1990 Census Data (U. Michigan)

1990 Census Lookup
Search extensive census data files taken from more than 300 CD-ROMs

1990 Census - Public Use Microdata Samples (University of Virginia)

City Rankings for Populations Greater Than 100,000

Climate Data (National Climatic Data Center)

Consumer Price Indexes Home Page

Cost of Living Calculator (NewsEngin)

County and City Data Book (Univ. of Virginia Libraries)
1988 and 1994 editions

County Business Patterns (Univ. of Virginia Libraries)

County Business Patterns (Census Bureau)

Crime Statistics
Links to crime statistics - including international, national, state and local

Crime Statistics - Crime and Justice Electronic Data for Spreadsheets

Crime Statistics - National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (ICPSR)

Crime Statistics - Publications of the Bureau of Justice Statistics

Crime Statistics - Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics (Bureau of Justice Statistics)

Crime Statistics - Uniform Crime Reports - 1995-1997 in PDF Format (FBI)
Published Nov. 1998

EASI Quick Reports and Analysis
Demographic reports by city, state, county, Zip Code, etc.

Economic Bulletin Board (University of Michigan)

Economic Indicators (GPO Access)

Education Statistics - Publications of the National Center for Education Statistics

Environmental Data (EPA)

Statistics from more than 70 U.S. Government agencies

Geospatial and Statistical Data Center (University of Virginia)

Glossary of Social Science Computing and Data Terms (Jim Jacobs/UCSD)

Health: United States (Health Statistics in pdf)

Highway Statistics (U.S. Dept. of Transportation)

Historic U.S. Census Database 1790-1970 (University of Virginia)

ICPSR Home Page and their Data archives index

Immigration Statistics (INS)

Index to CD-ROMs issued by the U.S. Government (University of Virginia)
This database indexes CD-ROMs distributed to U.S. Government Depository libraries. Most are available in the PCL and Public Affairs Libraries.

Integrated Public Use Microdata Series 1850-1990 (University of Minnesota)

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US Statistical Sources - Continued

Labor Statistics (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Life Tables - U.S. Decennial Life Tables 1989-1991

Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications Access)

National Income and Product Accounts (University of Virginia)

Political Methodology Society Links

Polls - Public Opinion Poll Question Database (IRSS)

Population Index
Indexes information of interest to demographers. The entire database for 1986-1997 is available online and can be searched by author, subject matter, geographical region and year of publication.

Population Profile of the United States 1997 (Census Bureau)

Poverty in the U.S. (Census Bureau)

Producer Price Indexes

Public Use Microdata Samples (PUMS) are computer-accessible files containing records for a sample of housing units, with information on the characteristics of each housing unit and the people in it.

Regional Economic Information Service (Univ. of Virginia Libraries)

STAT-USA Internet (including National Trade Data Bank)
Includes State of the Nation (Current and historical economic and financial releases and economic data) and Globus/NTDB (Trade-related releases, international market research, trade opportunities, country analysis, and the National Trade Data Bank trade library).

State and Local Government Data (Census Bureau)
Includes Finance data for city and county governments, school finance data, public employment data and more

State of the Nation's Cities (HUD/Center for Urban Policy Research)
Downloadable datasets for 77 U.S. cities

State Personal Income Tables (University of Virginia)

Statistical Abstract of the United States (1995-1997)

Statistical Resources on the Web (University of Michigan)

Statistics Textbook Online (StatSoft)

Survey of Current Business (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis)

Transportation Statistics - National Transportation Statistics (U.S. Dept. of Transportation)

United States - Digital Atlas (William Bowen)
Maps depict population, race, ancestry, citizenship, income, poverty and adult educational attainment

U.S. Population Clock (Census Bureau)

Vital and Health Statistics Advance Data

Vital and Health Statistics Series (NCHS)

International Statistical Sources

Canadian Statistics (Statistics Canada)

City Populations (From U.N. Demographic Yearbook) and Urban Population Projections 1975-2015 (UN)

Eurostat (Statistical Office of the European Communities)

Handbook of International Economic Statistics, 1997 (CIA)  
Issued January 1998

International Data Base (U.S. Bureau of the Census)
Statistical tables of demographic and socio-economic data for all countries of the world

Most recent statistics for Member States of the United Nations. Includes a broad range of data.

International Programs Center (U.S. Census Bureau)

Popnet: The Source for Global Population Information

Population Index
Indexes information of interest to demographers. The entire database for 1986-current is available online and can be searched by author, subject matter, geographical region and year of publication.

Population Pyramids for Countries (U.S. Census Bureau)

Social Science Information Gateway - Statistics (University of Essex)

State of World Population 1998 (United Nations Population Fund)

Statistical Agencies of World Nations (U.S. Census Bureau)

Statistical Resources on the Web (University of Michigan)

Statistics Departments Around the World

STAT-USA Internet (including National Trade Data Bank)
Includes Globus/NTDB (U.S./International trade-related releases, international market research, trade opportunities, country analysis, and the National Trade Data Bank trade library).

World Population Clock (Census Bureau)

World Population Data (Population Reference Bureau)

World Population Estimates and Projections 1998 and 2050 (United Nations)

World Population Figures...and more
Data for each country, country pages with information on their provinces and major cities

World Population Profile 1996 (Census Bureau)

World Population Trends (UNDP)


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