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72-163: The Power Plant Site
72-163 is a late Paleoindian archaeological site under excavation in Ledyard, Connecticut.

Aerial Archive
The Aerial Archive supports Austrian archaeologists with sophisticated photogrammetrical that map and visualize archaeological sites.

American Commitee For Preservation of Archaelogical Collections
ACPAC is a nationwide private committee arguing for the preservation of archaeological and museum collections in the public interest

Anasazi Archaeology
Pages explore and interpret Anasazi culture and archaeology and introduce sites for tourists.

Ancient City of Athens, The
The Ancient City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens, Greece.

Ancient Limestone Quarries of Nakbe, Guatemala
Archaeologists study how the ancient Preclassic Maya quarried limestone blocks using tools of stone and wood.

Ancient Sites Directory, The
A guide to prehistoric monuments in Britain contains photographs, descriptions and directions.

Archaeological Adventure
Explore the world of archaeology. Learn tricks of the trade and the history of archaeological science.

Archaeological Dialogues
Archaeological Dialogues is an English-language journal dedicated to the promotion of theoretically oriented approaches in archaeology.

Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities
Browse regional postings for volunteers, paid workers, field schools and contract jobs in archaeology.

Archaeological Investigations - Fort Edmonton V
An abreviated ansd edited version of a report written in 1992 by Heinz Pyszczyk includes photos and figures.

Archaeological Investigations Project (AIP)
AIP aims to compile and prepare for publication a catalog of completed archaeological fieldwork investigations.

Archaeological research in Northeastern Nigeria
Maps, photographs and text describe current archaeological excavations in Northeastern Nigeria.

Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe (ARGE)
A comprehensive collection of links points to current archaeological communication and information resources across Europe

Archaeological Sites
Browse an alphabetized listing of current archaeological digs around the world.

Archaeological Sites of the Southwest
A catalog lists prehistoric archaeological sites in the states of Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

Archaeological Society of British Columbia, The
This non-profit society is dedicated to the protection of archaeological resources and the spread of archaeological knowledge.

Archaeological Society of Virginia (ASV)
The ASV provides numerous archeological activities for its membership, including annual meetings, fieldschools, publications and scholarships.

Read a short introduction to the field of archaeology before browsing a comprehensive collection of links to online archaeology resources.

Space Radar Images of Earth from JPL include several images of Near Eastern archaeological sites including Giza, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.

Archaeology and History in California's State Parks
Explore some of the studies done on archaeological sites, historic structures and ancient artifacts in California.

Archaeology Field Techniques
Examine various aspects of archaeological field techniques taught through the Anthropology Department at the University of Memphis.

Archaeology in Arctic North America
Pages provide a glimpse of archaeological research focusing principally on the Canadian High Arctic.

Archaeology In Australia
The purpose of this online project is to provide a central starting point for people who have an interest in Australian archaeology.

Archaeology in Ireland
Archaeological field research focuses on gravestones of County Offalay, Ireland.

Archaeology in the Marquesas Islands
Join an archaeological expedition to rediscover an ancient Polynesian chiefdom in the Marquesas Islands.

Archaeology in York
Gain online access to archaeological information including specifications and excavation reports relating to research in the City of York.

Archaeology Ireland
Archaeology Ireland is a full color, quarterly magazine aimed at the wider public who are interested in archaeology.

Archaeology Links
The California State University, Stanislaus Department of Archaeology maintains a collection of links to online archaeology resources.

Archaeology Magazine
Selections from the current issue are presented with subscription information and links to archaeological Web sites.

Archaeology of Golfito, The
This site has been created to facilitate dissemination of information about archaeological research undertaken in Golfito, Costa Rica.

Archaeology of Teotihuacan, Mexico
The general public and experts around the world access introductory pages, recent excavation reports, and an academic journal about this ancient city.

Archaeology of the South Coast of Peru, The
Survey the archaeology of Peru's Nasca region and a summary of current archaeological projects.

Archaeology Research in Peru
These pages contain full browseable text, abstracts, references, and selected graphics from archaeological research papers on Peru.

Archaeology World
Pointers to online archaeology resources concentrate on Australian and Pacific archaeology.

Internet resources of interest to classical archaeologists describe archaeological sites in Austria.

Archaeometry Group
A group of archaeometric researchers collect facts by natural sciences which are inaccessible by solely archaeological methods.

An index of sites focusing on French archaeology is intended to be a starting point for online research and investigation.

ArchNet serves as a virtual library for archaeology and provides access to archaeological resources available on the Internet.

Arkansas Archeological Society
Members of the Society investigate Arkansas' past by taking part in archeological excavations, arranging for lectures or meeting to swap information.

Arrowhead Pictures and Links
Inspect a collection of Native American arrowheads found in Alabama.

Asian Archaeology Information Plaza
Visit the Information Plaza to find out about Asian Archaeological excavations, conferences and online resources.

Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities
Jamestown Rediscovery is a ten-year interdisciplinary project searching for the remains of 1607 Jamestown on Jamestown Island, Virginia.

Athena Review
Access an abbreviated version of the printed quarterly journal of archaeology and history, and obtain subscription information.

Australian Stone Tools
This site is aimed at students who have a general interest in Aboriginal history and would to know more about Aboriginal stone tools.

AZTLAN E-Journal
Articles have been submitted by members of the AZTLAN Mesoamerican discussion list for your perusal.

Back to the Future - the Revolution of Ancient History
A historical intelligence document from Japan analyzes subterranean trends and exposes hidden facts about Japan and East Asia.

Backyard Archaeologist, The
Survey a resource guide for the advancement of recreational digging and the study of Unidentified Flying Objects.

Biblical Archaeology
Links to online resources for the study of Biblical archaeology include Web sites, publications, societies and excavation listings.

Bledsoe's Lick Archaeological Project
The primary objectives of the project are to identify, investigate and preserve important archaeological resources in and around Bledsoe's Station.

British Archaeology
The Council for British Archaeology offers the complete text of back issues of their monthly magazine.

British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem
The British School of Archaeology in Jerusalem provides a center for the study of all aspects of the archaeology, history and culture of the Levant.

Burrow's Cave
Pages examine the controversy surrounding the Burrow's Cave archaeological discovery.

Butser Ancient Farm
School parties and archaeological societies visit a replica of the sort of farm which would have existed in the British Iron Age, circa 300 BC.

Cahokia Mounds
The remains of the most sophisticated prehistoric native civilization north of Mexico are preserved at Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site.

Canberra Archaeological Society, The
The Canberra Archaeological Society was formed in 1963 to cater to the needs of all people interested in archaeology.

Graphic materials and texts introduce the history, archaeology, spelaeology and culture of Carbonia and its territory.

Central American Institute of Prehistoric and Traditional Cultures
The Institute aims to preserve the traditional knowledge and practices of the Maya and Garifuna cultures.

Christian Catacombs of Rome, The
Tour the ancient underground cemeteries of the Christian and Jewish communities of Rome.

Cihuatįn Archaeological Project, The
Excavation project news is provided with a description of the ancient ruins of Maya civilization.

Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Home Page
This page collects links to Internet resources of interest to classicists and Mediterranean archaeologists.

Coastal Maritime Archaeology Resources (CMAR)
CMAR is a non profit volunteer organization supporting marine archaeology projects primarily in California's Channel Islands National Park.

Current and Recent Department of Archaeology Research Projects
Link to information about the many archaeological research projects conducted by University of Calgary scholars.

Current Archaeology
Subscribe to an archaeological magazine created for the ordinary archaeological enthusiast.

Derbyshire Archaeological Society
The Derbyshire Archaeological Society fosters and encourages interest in the past life and natural history of the United Kingdom.

A categorized collection of links point to Internet resources for archaeologists.

Dolmens in Denmark
Access photographs of Danish neolithic dolmens and a collection of related links.

Edgar's Mesoamerican Art Page
Edgar directs you to pages containing downloadable images of Prehispanic works of art.

Eli Whitney Armory Site
The Yale University Archaeology Department posts details about the current excavation of the Armory.

Eliadis Archaeological Photography from Greece
Elias Eliadis introduces unigue approaches to archaeological photography.

EuRa - European Rock Art and Petroglyphs
Understand prehistoric conceptuality through the examination of engraved rocks found in the Alps.

Excavations at Capo Alfiere
Archaeologists unearth and examine architecture and artifacts from a Neolithic site near Crotone, Italy.

FAQ-Career in Archaeology in the U.S.
Get answers to questions about archaeology careers in the United States.

Five Points Site, The
Archaeologists and historians rediscover a famous 19th century New York neighborhood.


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An online magazine focuses on the culture, history and tourism of the Mediterranean countries.

Fossil Evidence for Human Evolution in China, The
Pages introduce the fossil evidence supporting the theory of human evolution in China.

GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology: Burgundy, France
An interdisciplinary team conducts research in the Arroux River Valley region of Burgundy using an integrative approach termed historical ecology.

Greek & Roman Cities of Western Turkey
Archaeologist Michael Greenhalgh provides portions of text from his book about Greek and Roman cities.

Grinco's Archaeology: Images from South Africa
View images of South African archaeology digs and follow links to other sites containing information about archaeology in South Africa.

Guide to Underwater Archaeology Resources on the Internet, A
Links to online underwater archaeology resources include nautical museums, shipwreck sites and opportunities to volunteer on underwater excavations.

Heathen Monuments
Learn about heathen altars, barrows, burial chambers, stone circles, superstitions, tombs, rituals and legends.

Horsemen from the East: Huns and Avars
An exhibition highlights Hun and Avar manners of living, their attire, their way of fighting and their funeral traditions.

Human Origins and Evolution in Africa
Professor Jeanne Sept to maintain links to a constantly growing scientific database on human origins and evolution in Africa.

Iceman - "Man from the Hauslabjoch", The
Examine detailed information about the finding, preservation and storage of the Iceman.

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography
Tour a virtual archaeology museum created by the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

Internet Archaeology
Internet Archaeology publishes the results of archaeological research online.

Javanese House, The
An archaeology student examines Javanese houses and temple reliefs.

Jennifer's Archaeology Website
Jennifer brings the study of archaeology to "The Masses" by providing an organized starting point for online inquiry.

Laguna De On Archaeological Excavation
Research is devoted to understanding processes of social transformation and survival strategies of Maya populations living in northern Belize.

Learning to Read Rome's Ruins
Find out how 16th century Roman archaeologists shed new light on the Egyptian and early Christian worlds as well as on Rome itself.

Leptiminus Archaeological Project, The
Archaeologists excavate an important North African port town which flourished under Roman rule.

Lewis H.Morgan Chapter New York State Archeology Association
The NYSSA promotes archeological and historical research concerning the artifacts, rites, customs and beliefs of the occupants of New York State.

London Museum of Archaeology Publications, The
At this site you may order copies from the three main publication series distributed to the public from the London Museum of Archaeology.

Lost City of the Lukachukais
Utilize an online guide to the Discovery Channel series on the Southwestern enigma.

Maritime Archaeology
An introduction to the field of maritime archaeology is supplied with links to reference materials and further readings.

Maya Adventure
Illustrated tour of Mayan culture designed for the secondary student. There's a series of adjunctive activities and scientific experiments. Students can even keep an online log of their activities and impressions.

Maya Research Program
A non-profit research organization seeks to inform the public about the Maya, preserve and protect Maya ruins and assist those with similar goals.

Medieval Moscow
Volunteer to help American and Russian archaeologists excavate 800 years of Russian history in the vicinity of the Kremlin and Red Square.

Megalith Picture Pages
Explore an extensive picture database of megalithic archaeological sites of the world.

Megalith Site, The
Pages introduce the mysteries of archaeological remains of the Brittany people, such as standing stones and Dolmens.

Megalithic Mysteries
Enjoy Andy Burnham's photographic guide to the megaliths of England and Scotland.

View over 250 images of prehistoric ritual monuments within the British Isles.

Mercury Project 
Profiles the famous USC project that invited Web users to excavate a simulated archaeological dig via a tele-robotic arm. This robot is no longer active, but you can learn how remote control works and join the current garden project.

Mesoamerican Archaeology WWW Page
Find files, links, resources, software and reports relevant to Mesoamerican and Pre-Columbian Archaeology.

Monuments At Risk Survey (MARS)
A survey attempts to determine the condition of remaining archaeological sites and how they deteriorate over time.

Museum of London Archaeology Service
The Museum of London Archaeology Service (MoLAS) describes its wide range of independent, professional archaeological services.

New Zealand Archaeological Radiocarbon Database
New Zealand archaeological dates from the University of Waikato Radiocarbon Dating laboratory were measured between 1982 and 1992.

Northeast Texas Archeological Society (NETAS)
Persons with an interest in the archeology and history of northeast Texas gather in a setting conducive to the exchange of information and ideas.

P.A.S.T. - Protecting Archaeological Sites Today
An online organization is dedicated to the preservation of archaeological, cultural, and historical sites, through political action and education.

Paleo End Scraper
An essay analyzes a distinctive end scraper of the Paleoindian Tradition.

Perseus Project, The
An evolving digital library contains a variety of resources on the ancient world

Projectile Points of the North Carolina Piedmont
An article contains information and photos describing the various prehistoric lithic tools found in the central portion of North Carolina.

Rabbit In The Moon: Mayan Glyphs and Architecture
Learn about Mayan hieroglyphic writing and see how your own name would be spelled in Maya.

Subscribe to a journal containing research articles on techniques used in archaeological, geophysical, oceanographic and related dating.

Rock Art and Petroglyphs in Valcamonica
Archaeologists analyze prehistoric petroglyphs in the Italian Alps.

Rock Art in Valtellina
View photos and read analysis of Bronze Age rock art found in the Alps.

ROMARCH: Roman Art and Archaeology
The ROMARCH pages are a crossroads for Web resources on the art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman provinces, ca. 1000 BC - AD 700.

Sacred Landscape, The
Illustrated essays introduce sacred geometry, temple and shrine architecture, archaeoastronomy, sundials and astro-calendrical devices.

Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeology
This site aims to provide a focus for information relating to the application of satellite imagery to archaeology.

Society for American Archaeology Bulletin
View current and past issues of the Bulletin, subscription information and details about contributions.

Society For California Archaeology
The Society provides information about upcoming archaeology events, job opportunities, projects and an online newsletter.

Society for Industrial Archeology
Share in the interest and challenge of exploring the structures and sites of our industrial heritage.

Southeast Archaeological Center
The department of the National Park Service presents its many restorations and excavations with picture tours and detailed articles.

Southeast Archaeological Center
The Southeast Archaeological Center provides archaeological research, collections management, and technical support for national park units

Southern Ontario Projectile Point Types
The London Chapter of the Ontario Archaeological Society has published a set of projectile point type definitions online.

Tell Ahmar Excavations
Learn about archaeological excavations at the site of an ancient Assyrian city known in antiquity as Til Barsib.

Tell Tuneinir, Syria
Archaeologists seek to define Tuneinir's Islamic Period commercial structures and to identify features of worship.

Treading the Past
The Utah Museum of Natural History presents a virtual exhibit on the footwear of the Anasazi.

UC Berkeley Tel Dor Archaeological Expedition
Tel Dor offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to learn the techniques of modern field archaeology from experienced excavators.

UCSD Archaeological Field Schools
Find out how to join UCSD Summer SessionŽs Archaeological Field Schools in the Middle East such as Wadi Fidan, Jordan or Nahal Tillah, Israel.

Underwater Archaeology at Florida State University
A description of the FSU program in underwater archaeology highlights fieldwork and past excavations.

University of Birmingham Field Archaeology Unit (BUFAU)
BUFAU undertakes archaeological research and training throughout Britain and the world.

University of California Research Expeditions Program (UREP)
UREP invites you to join in the challenges and rewards of archaeological and environmental field research expeditions around the world.

University of California, Davis Archaeological Field School
Sudents learn the basics of field logistics, excavation units, stratigraphic excavation and drawing, site surface collection and field illustration.

Virtual Palenque
Take a virtual tour of the Mayan ruins of Palenque, located in Chiapas, Mexico.

Visiting Strange and Exotic Places and Digging Holes in Them
A collection of links to online archaeology resources features departments, journals, articles, bibliographies and field projects.

Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project (WAARP)
WAARP seeks to advance knowledge of the cultural environment of Wadi Araba for all historic and prehistoric periods.

WebWeaver's North American Archaeology Links
WebWeaver maintains a large index of links to North American archaeology resources on the Internet.

Wharram Percy: The Lost Medieval Village
Examine the historical and archaeological features of a deserted medieval peasant village.


Archaeological Museum of Bologna, Italy
See collections of archaeology from Bologna and surrounding excavations.

Iraklion Archaeological Museum (Crete)
See discoveries made from the Minoan Civilization.

Museum of Antiquities
Visit the virtual gallery to see the object of the month or to explore the Flints and Stones exhibit, from the Late Stone Age.

Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
Vivid pictures of sites Keatly Creek and Charlie Lake Cave in British Columbia accompany gifts from the past.


For the Young Scientist

The Royal Ontario Museum Fun Page
What does it feel like to be an archaeologist? Learn about Cuneiform and make your own mummy!



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