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Metro areas are listed alphabetically.

Oklahoma City, OK

The Oklahoman


Orlando, FL

The Orlando Sentinel


Oswego, NY

The Palladium Times


Pasadena, CA

The Pasadena Weekly


Philadelphia, PA

The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Philadelphia Daily News


Phoenix, AZ

The Phoenix New Times


Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Portland, ME

The Portland Press-Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram


Providence, RI

The Providence Journal-Bulletin


Raleigh, NC

The Raleigh News and Observer


Richmond, VA

The Richmond Times-Dispatch


Sacramento, CA

The Sacramento Bee


Salt Lake City, UT

The Salt Lake Deseret News

The Salt Lake Tribune

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San Diego, CA

The San Diego Union-Tribune

The San Diego Source


San Francisco, CA

The San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Examiner


San Jose, CA

The San Jose Mercury News


San Juan, PR

El Nuevo Dia


Seattle, WA

The Seattle Times


St. Louis, MO

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch


St. Petersburg, FL

The St. Petersburg Times


Tampa, FL

The Tampa Tribune


Tulsa, OK

The Tulsa World


Tucson, AZ

The Tucson Daily Star

The Tucson Weekly


Washington, D.C.

The Washington Post

The Washington Times




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