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Kids' Lynx - School

The Playground
A special area just for Pre-Schoolers!

The Playground Games Kids Play
Hundreds of games and their rules. Submit Your Own.

The Online School Directory
Does your school have its own website? Find out about others from all over the USA and the world that do!

Science & Math
Whether you're learning about the weather, or visiting a museum, for science facts from Astronomy to Zebras, you've found the place to see them!

Reading & Writing
Read any good online books lately? Pull up a chair! Maybe you're looking for an "E-Pal" or you've written a story or poem you'd like to publish . . . you've come to the right place!

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A world of information about historical events and figures!

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The Lunch Room
Did you know that Moon Pies are not made on the moon, but are actually made in Chattanooga, Tennessee? Wow, you know, next they'll be telling us that cheese isn't from there either . . .

People, Places & Things

The Fun House

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