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Kids' Lynx - Lunchtime

M & M's Studios
Tour the virtual M & M Studios and meet the M & M stars!

Baskin Robbins
Where else would you go to to send someone an E-Cake (does it come with E-Ice Cream)?

General Mills Presents "You Rule School" Where else would you go to find fun games featuring General Mills Lucky Charms, Trix, Cheerios, and Cocoa Puffs cereal?!

The Refrigerator
Nothing to eat here, but plenty to do!

Dole 5 a Day
Find out about nutrition courtesy of the Dole company!

Food Pyramid
Do you know your basic food groups? (No, PEZ is not one of them!)

PEZ Home Page
But speaking of PEZ...maybe you can find out what group it's in after all!

Mootown Snackers
Visit the brand new Mootown arcade!

Kid's World - Tooth Wizard (Lost a Tooth?)
Lost a tooth? Receive a special message from your friendly online 'Tooth Wizard.'

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The homepage of those wacky ice cream guys from Vermont....

Fertnel Cheese
We've been wondering exactly what a Fertnel is . . . (and does it have anything to do with the moon?)

Have some pasta with Mama Cucina!

The Official French Fries Page
Pass the ketchup. . .

The Moon Pie Splash Page
Everything you could ever need to know about a moon pie!

Kellogg's Clubhouse
Lots of fun things to do by the makers of some of your favorite breakfast cereals!

How to Make Maple Syrup

Meet Chef Paul Prudhomme - "America's Favorite Chef!"


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