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Chronicle of Higher Education, The
The illustrious magazine has set up an Internet teaser to let you know what youčre missing this week. Even without registration, prospective teachers can read job postings and get basic statistics on the demographics of collegiate America.

Classroom Connect
Useful online site augments the company's line of product, including newsletters, videos, books, training systems and conferences. Site features links to resources and a search facility.

Education World
American Fidelity presents a first-rate information packet for people involved in education. A cornucopia of links leads users to the information they want, be they teachers, college applicants, kids or adults looking for vocational training.

Educational Resources Information Center
ERIC contains abstracts of 850,000 articles on education. Back issues of the ERIC journal are also available here, covering topics such as school-to-work transition and systemic education reform. Bookmark this site for your own reference library!

George Lucas Educational Foundation
Although the mission of Mr. Star Wars' foundation is education in general, there is a strong emphasis on the technology aspect, particularly on integrating it with teaching and learning.

Macintosh Educator's Site
With the PC standard rolling across the world, schools with Macs are becoming endangered. But they still need Mac resources. That's precisely what this Mac acolyte's very good site in Iowa provides.

NEA Web Site, The
Front door to the National Education Association Web site. This offering features a search facility, articles on education, news on the union, resources and more. And it's open to all comers.

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School Page, The
Excellent page -- recommended by The Eisenhower National Clearinghouse as a valuable math and science content site -- with teacher appeal, clear navigational aids and that "special something."

TAPPED IN: Teacher Professional Development Institute
A professional development workplace patterned after a real-world conference center. Uses a multi-user virtual environment (MUVE) to link K-12 schools, teachers and researchers.

Teachers Helping Teachers
As the title suggests, Dr. Scott Mandel's site provides teaching tips and other help written by teachers for other teachers. It covers new methodologies, special education programs, expertise, stress reduction, links and more.

TeachNet: The Teaching Network
Nonprofit organization supports innovative teachers who exemplify professionalism, independence and creativity in public schools. Site has shared curriculums, opportunities for grants and a bulletin board for discussions.

U.S. Department of Education
What's the government doing about the state of education in the United States? Find out at the Department of Education's home page. Teachers and researchers can locate a DOE guide, and college applicants will benefit from financial aid information.

Urban Education Web (UEweb)
Columbia University project offers manuals, brief articles, annotated bibliographies, reviews, and summaries of publications and conference announcements in urban education.

Well-Connected Educator, The
Online publishing center and forum for the K-12 community to read, write and talk about educational technology. Articles provide models, strategies, and specific examples of how to use technology for teaching and learning.





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