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Adult Distance Education Internet Surf Shack
You can earn your next degree without leaving the comfort of your La-Z-Boy. This adult distance-learning site has a heap of information on virtual education including online courses and links to other adult distance-education Internet sources.

Centra's Distance Education Index
This "comprehensive resource" from Centa Software delivers news, organizations, tools and more.

College Connection
Puts students in touch with participating universities offering distance learning.

Comprehensive Distance Education List of Resources
Illinois distance-learning coordinator constructs a helpful site of contacts and information for educators and students.

Cyber High School
Say goodbye to the days of greasy cafeteria hamburgers and welcome to the first private, online, college preparatory school. Cyber High School offers a complete curriculum including the usual goodies like math, language, history, English and science.

Design for Leadership
Bachelor's degrees in Christian religious education are awarded by this Ohio distance-learning college; programs and services.

Distance Education
You would like to sharpen your skills, but when do you have the time? Distance Education enables you to use your computer to take classes over the Internet. Whether you want to study for fun or try to get a Ph.D., there may be a program for you.

Distance Education at a Glance
University of Idaho publishes information to help students, faculty and administrators understand distance-learning concepts.

Distance Learning Italy
Connects with university partners in distance learning.

Globewide Network Academy, The
Live in Utah but want to take biochemistry from Skidmore College in upstate New York? No problem! Check out The Globewide Network Academy, a hefty source of information on distance learning lists over 10,000 courses and degree programs around the country.

Heritage OnLine
The mission of Heritage OnLine is to help instructors and students realize the potential of the Internet as an educational tool. From kindergarten to college, from math to foreign languages, Heritage promises to get you up to snuff on the Internet.

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Higher Education via the Internet
Companion page to the book "Online Higher Education" guides adults to degree programs and financial aid.

Internet University
Companion site to a distance-learning book connects to 2,400 pages of resources.

Learner Online: The Annenberg CPS Project
The Annenberg School of Communications and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting promote telecourse products and innovations at this interactive site. Distance learning materials are available and searchable here.

Lucent Technologies Center for Excellence in Distance Learning
Lucent provides a commons for distance-learning experts to share information.

National Universities Degree Consortium (NUDC)
Consortium of 13 colleges that deliver distance-education presents a summary of degrees, certificates and courses.

NovaNet, a computer-based educational network, offers a library of interactive curriculum materials, online conferencing, testing, assessment and customized curricula software for educators. Material is geared for both adult and young adult audiences.

Project ADEPT (Assessment of Distance Education Pedagogy and Technology)
Distance-learning sleuths uncover some of their findings from surveys and evaluation forms.

Real Education
The company serves institutions wanting to develop distance-learning courses, and showcases established programs and news.

Sarah's Distance Learning Page
Just what is distance learning? Sarah answers that question, offering resources for students and educators.

School of Thinking
Software for the brain, or how to use your necktop computer. SOT claims to be the world's largest school, having trained over 50 million people. The services offered are lessons, training, links to trainers, encouragement and brains brought up to speed.

Spectrum Virtual University
Imagine attending a class in Web design or creative writing while never leaving your home. CompuServe's Spectrum connects you to volunteer professors who teach free classes on PC use, the Internet and self-help activities to enhance your life.

United States Distance Learning Association
Promotes the development of distance learning, providing organization news, events and resources.

Washington State Distance Learning Resource Page
This virtual clearinghouse hooks up with organizations, instructional development, issues and more.



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