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Education - Distance Learning (Post Graduate)

Berne University
Relates a unique graduate-level program involving a brief residency on campus followed by independent study at home.

Electronic MBA at Athabasca University, The
Study this site for online (and affordable) MBA programs utilizing computer disk formats.

Fielding Institute, The
If your career needs a shot in the arm, look here for graduate, continuing education programs offered electronically.

Graduate School of America
Online learning gets attention here, with details about degree programs, financial aid and admissions.

Greenleaf University
Turn to this site to find "new concepts" in distance learning that feature advanced degrees.

Heriot-Watt University Distance Learning MBA
Scandinavian facility serves students worldwide with FAQs and specifics about courses and examinations.

Programs in Education and Technology at Nova Southeastern University
Information about nontraditional programs for learning includes news, publications, course information and degree details.

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Saratoga University School Of Law
A summary of this distance-learning law school provides links to a course catalog and registration

Universitat de Barcelona Master en Comercio y Finanzas Internacionales
Access graduate distance-learning information from a facility in Barcelona. Spanish only.

University of San Jose, Costa Rica
Earn your degree through non-residential instruction. Information covers post-graduate studies for students worldwide.

University of Sarasota Graduate Distance Learning Program
Get the whole enchilada about degree programs from this accredited school. Links lead to schedules, admissions, resources.

Warnborough Worldwide
A London-based international educational organization offering a variety of distance-learning and study-abroad programs.

William Howard Taft University
Nail down details about independent study in law, education and business.

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