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1996 Outdoor Adventure River Specialists, Inc.
An interesting water adventure in the Amazon awaits you at this site.

Sierra Club Outings
"Travel to the far corners of the earth--paddling or pedaling, ski touring or trekking. We offer hundreds of exciting outings, from the tundra to the tropics."

Backpacker Magazine's Online site BASECAMP features an area describing favorite hikes and trips by its readers, including an opportunity to respond.

Voyager: Outdoor and Recreation
A guide to outdoor destinations in Canada with a clickable map.

Owyhee Expeditions Outfitters
Expedition guides and outfitters leading trips into the back country of Idaho.

Alaska Discovery Glacier Bay All-Women's Sea Kayaking Adventure
Join nine other adventurous women on this trip of a lifetime.

Worldguide Traveler's Forum
A premier resource for the backroads adventurer.


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The Americas

Dave Jackson's Personal Page
This site tells the story of growing up on the banks of the Amazon River and contains a large collection of Real Audio sound files of the various animals and sounds of the jungle. (Requires the Real Audio plug-in.)

"Etnotur was established more than 10 years ago as a pioneer adventure tour and ecotourism operator. As the name implies, we are also concerned with promoting the experience of the ethnical and cultural diversity of Ecuador in the context of responsible tourism."



Everest Assault 96
A site sponsored by NBC detailing an assault on Mt. Everest.

The Himalayan Explorers Club
"Providing reliable, up-to-date information on the Himalayan region of Nepal, India, Pakistan, Tibet, and Bhutan."


The Polar Regions

Gateway to Antarctica - Home Page
A great site for polar explorers.

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