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The Northeast

"Welcome to the New York State Travel and Tourism Web, the official state tourism promotion site and homepage of the I LOVE NEW YORK Tourism Promotion Program."

Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
The official homepage for the state with a fall foliage report.

Erie, Pennsylvania
The homepage for my hometown, which is a big tourist destination.

The Washington, DC Convention and Visitors Association
The most comprehensive visitor information about Washington, DC.


The Southeast

Walt Disney World
The offficial site for Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

The Welcome Centers of the Internet
Information for the states of Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Blueridge Online
One-stop guide to travel resources serving the Blue Ridge Mountians area of Virginia and North Carolina.

A Guide to Key West Florida
An online guide to America's southernmost city, and a great place to escape to. This site is in the running for Explore's top ten travel sites; it made me want to be back in Key West.


The Midwest

Route 66
A site that connects you with facilities and information on one of America's most famous highways.

Tr@vel Michigan!
"Welcome to Michigan's official travel information Web site, produced by the Michigan Travel Bureau."

Enjoy illinois
"There are a million ways to find yourself a Million Miles from Monday in Illinois." The official Tourist Board site for the state of Illinois.

Southern Illinois Tourism Council
" From those of us in Southern Illinois... we welcome you! Our region, sometimes referred to as "Little Egypt," includes the 35 southernmost counties in the state of Illinois."

Oak Park Tourist
"Welcome to the Oak Park Tourist - explore and discover the many inviting facets of Our Village on the Net." A nice site where you can tour one of America's most charming villages on the Net or plan a real trip.

Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin
"His buildings represent some of the world's most important architectural treasures. Those in search of an intimate look at the life and work of Wright will find it in Wisconsin - his birthplace and home for most of his life."  

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The Southwest

Utah Travel and Adventure Online
The official site for the state of Utah. Home of some of America's greatest adventures

Route 66
A site that connects you with facilities and information on one of America's most famous highways

Welcome to Arizona Guide
The official site for the Arizona Office of Tourism.

American Southwestern Parks Information Guide
A listing of some of the more popular national parks in the Southwest, some of my favorites are here.

The Heard Museum
A leading Native American Museum located in Phoenix, Arizona

Sierra Highways
A California online travel magazine published twice a month. This is an award-winning site with lots of useful information presented in a very pleasant manner.

The Northwest

The Alaskan Center-WWW's Link to Alaska
A one-stop guide to travel services in Alaska.

Welcome to Montana
A comprehensive, folksy site with information about business and travel services of Montana.

Owyhee Expeditions Outfitters
Expedition guides and outfitters leading trips into the back country of Idaho.

Alaska Discovery Glacier Bay All-Women's Sea Kayaking Adventure
Join nine other adventurous women on this trip of a lifetime.

Pacific Inn Pub
An online pub where you can get a taste of what's going on in Seattle, Washington.



Moon Publications: The Big Island of Hawaii
An experimental hypertext travel guide based on J.D. Bisignani's "Big Island of Hawaii Handbook."



Voyager: Bed and Breakfast Online
A comprehensive list of Canadian bed and breakfasts.

The Algonquin Hotel
Discover the charm and excitement that is The Algonquin, Atlantic Canada's premier resort.


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