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The Weekly List of Airfare Bargains
The place to go to find the best deals in airline travel

The homepage for USAir, listing schedules and USAir's best fare deals available only through the USAir Web site.

United Airlines
The homepage for United Airlines

TWA Airline
The homepage for TWA

Southwest Airlines
The homepage of Southwest Airlines, featuring ticketless travel via the Web.

Northwest Airlines
The official Northwest Airlines site, featuring "CyberSaver Fares."

American Airlines Home Page
A great site featuring Net SAAver Fares.

Delta Airlines
The homepage for Delta Airlines.

Aeroflot Russian International Airlines
The homepage for the airline of Russia. Be sure to check out "New Aeroflot: Strengthening Position on Air Transportation market."

Ukraine International Airlines
The airline of the Ukraine.

British Airways Global Homepage
You can go anywhere in the world on this airline; the site features inflight entertainment listings for all flights.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
The official site of KLM, the best airline I have ever flown on.

Mexicana Airlines
The newly rebuilt site of Mexicana Airlines.

Air Canada
The homepage for Air Canada.


The Subway Navigator
Imput where in the world you are and where you would like to go, and your subway route will be determined for you, including travel time. Works best with a laptop if you are actually in the subway station.

The official site of Amtrak, where you can make reservations and view schedules.

Eurostar Internet
The official site of the Paris to London channel tunnel train, featuring timetables, fares, offers, and other news and information for the European traveler.

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VIA Rail Canada Inc.
The official site of Canada's passenger train network.

Cruise Ships

The QE2 Homepage
The Queen Elizabeth 2, or QE2 as she is commonly known is the flagship of the Cunard Line.

Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Cruises offers a variety of exciting cruise itineraries.


Budget Rent a Car at the Los Angeles Airport
Budget Rent a Car at the Los Angeles Airport is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The World Wide Web Speedtrap Registry
A registry of police speed traps on American highways.

Map Quest
An amazing site where you can map out your auto trip from start to finish. Good only in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

National Car Rental
The official site for National Car Rental.

Avis Rent A Car
The company site with lots of other travel information.

Europe by Car
A really great car rental company in Europe.

Hertz Asia
The place to find a car rental in Asia.

Road conditions for the state of California.

Hertz Mexico
See more of Mexico with Hertz.

Bus Travel

Greyhound Lines Inc.
The official site for Greyhound Lines, with schedule information.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
A great site with lots of info on getting around L.A. County.

Mapping Sites

Maps on Us
Map maker with detailed written directions


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