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Northern Africa

Egypt's TourismNet
Egypt's TourismNet provides searchable directories of Egypt's hotels, restaurants, cruise lines, travel agents, transportation companies, and tourist attractions.

Miftah Shamali-Morocco
An extensive Web site with detailed information on traveling to Morocco.

Jim Miller's Images of Daily Life in Morocco
A lot of images of Daily Life in Morocco by James Miller, Professor of Geography, Clemson University.

Maghreb Net's Bulletin Board System
A bulletin board for information on Morroco.

Welcome to Tunisia
"Hear the siren song that calls you to Tunisia." The official site of the Tunisian Travel Office. A very well laid out and informative site.


The West Coast

Namaqualand... Flower in the Desert
The vast desolate landscapes of Namaqualand offers an abundance of two of the earth's rarest assets: clean air and uninhabited space.

An Introduction to Ghana
An informative site that lists the many features of Ghana, home of the once-great Ashanti empire.

Côte d'Ivoire Akwaba
The official Web site for Côte d'Ivoire


East Africa

A specific tour offered by Voyagers International.

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Southern Africa

Kruger National Park Home Page
"We are pleased to be the first national game reserve on the African continent to share our experiences on the World Wide Web. Enjoy your virtual safari." A very cool site.

South African National Parks Board
The Official Web site for National Park information and booking services.

Zimbabwe Information Sources
A listing of contact phone numbers and various information on Zimbabwe.

Welcome to Zimbabwe with Africa TourNet
A fun site with a wide range of travel information including current news on the country's tourism and travel industry.

Impressions of Zimbabwe
The following pages should give you information about traveling in Zimbabwe. Most pictures and information were gathered during the author's 2 trips to Zimbabwe.

African Travel Gateway
"To provide prospective tourists to the African Continent with a comprehensive electronic information system that can be used to access data for any travel and Accommodation need".



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