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Your favorite fashion magazine is online.

Beauty Works
The latest hair styles from the beauty industry's leading designers.

A great magazine with articles on the latest fashions.

A cool fashion magazine.

Fashion Internet
One of the best fashion and beauty links on the net. Great beauty ideas and tips.

Fashion Tips
Fabulous, yet friendly, fashion tips.

A site with fashion showrooms and chat rooms.

Tons of pictures of designs by tons of designers.

The official Guess site.

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The number one beauty site on the internet.

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A fashion magazine for men.

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Put some style in your smile.

Look Online
Information on fashion news and events.

Asia-Pacific's webzine, bringing a fresh perspective to fashion, beauty and travel.
Information on fashion news and events.

Made in Italy
Designers and other cool Italian stuff.

Your Personal Salon
The place to visit for expert advice, information and entertaining hair facts

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