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Adventure Surf Unlimited
All inclusive surf camp/excursions to some of the best uncrowded surfing in North America.

Check out the windsurfing webhouse, reviews, and travel.

Windsurfing Long Island
Regional info, weather, tips and technical info as well as board design software and other great sites.

Southern Ocean Surf
What's new, weather forecasts, oceanography, locale picks, offshore surfing, feedback, and other links.

La Jolla Surf WWW
Weather updates, waves, news groups, reviews, reports, picture gallery, and movies.

Netsurf 96
Press releases, events, ratings, sponsors, weather, results, calendar, and much more.

Santa Barbara Surfing
Surfing source, environmental activism, net cruising, and the photo gallery.

Schneider Surfboards
San Diego based surfboard factory.

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Texas Wave Rider Surf
There's no waves in Texas. Check out surf reports, where the surfers are, SurfTex, predictions, and world-class windsurfing.

Surf Publications
Check out these surf publications.

The Surfing Page
Surfing associations and weather in the West coast, East coast, and Hawaii; global links; and online surf shops. (May take a minute to load)

Surf Check
Updated more than any other surf site I've seen. Get the latest surf reports and great pictures.

Surf Museum
Check out the best of the best in the Surf Museum.


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