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Skate Spots in Northern Cali.
For those times when you're travelin' with your skateboard and you need to plan ahead, the Internet presents a comprehesive list of skate spots in Northern California.

The online Internet Skateboarding Magazine.

The Skate.Net
The point of the Skate.Net is to provide skaters and people who want to skate make good choices when they buy.

Edge Sports
Edge Sports is an Internet store dealing in ice/roller hockey, inline, skateboards, snowboards, and (coming soon!) artistic skates.


Mountain Biking

Extreme Mountain Biking
Everything a mountain biker can think of.

Mountain Biking
Find out where to mountain bike all over the world. A must for you die-hard bikers.

The Virtual Breakaway
I hope you remembered your water bottle, because this site has lots and lots of categories. One of the most informative I've seen. This site is done in frames, therefore it may take a while to load.

Cyber Cyclery
This site has everything: from products; accessories; and services; to Tour operators; associations and organizations; publication and e-zines; and much more.

Dictionary for Mountain Bike Slang
Don't know the mountain biker's language? Well, this link will help you out.

Ever wonder if your bike fits you? Look up your brand and view the specs.



Extreme Sky Diving

Airanch Skydivers
Friendly skydiving drop zone located just south of Fayetteville, NC. Come learn why the birds sing.

Surf Flite

Diamond Quest
Focusing on the discipline of CRW, seminars, and training camps.

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All you want to know about competitive formation skydiving, judging, events, training, and more!!!

U.S. Parachute Association
The official voice for skydivers in the U.S.

World DZ (Sky Diving) Price List
Places and locations worldwide to go skydiving.



Extreme Water Sports

Blue Water Divers
Provides all levels of divers with support and service from personalized Skin/SCUBA instruction to fun dives/abalone excursions, from sales of custom goggles to dive propBLOCKQUOTEsion vehicles, and much more.

Performance Diver
Performance Diver is the largest SCUBA mail order catalog in America.

Int.Novice WaterSki*Wakeboard Tour
The perfect novice tournament system, little league for water skiing, wakeboarding, and kneeboarding with classes for all ages.

American Water Skiers Association
Just about everything you wanted to know about waterskiing.


Extreme Sports Resource Links

Extreme Sports Mag.
A brand new magazine for hard-core, heart pumpin' adrenaline junkies who want to go faster, climb higher, and push harder than ever before. It's a high-impact resource for athletes on the edge of sports history, so hold your breath and click.

Action and extreme sports, featuring rad videos, cool merchandise, action images, video clips, and sound clips for playback. May take a minute to load.

Finish Line Extreme Sports
Extreme racing, wacky races, superstore, and group training (Portland, Oregon or Scottsdale, Arizona).


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