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S & T - Space

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Museums - Planetariums


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Radio Astronomy

Solar System

Space Exploration


Ask the Astronomer
Link to this top-notch astronomy site for the answers to questions cosmic and mundane. Dr. Sten Odenwald answers 40 to 50 questions a week from students and the generally curious, and has his entire database available set up in several different indexes.

Astronomy Cafe
What's the latest from hyperspace? What does current research have to say about black holes, potential asteroid impacts on Earth and quantum cosmology? These are heavy issues, and it's nice to find a Web page that sheds a little light.

Earth & Sky
The popular radio program "Earth & Sky" has a new home on the Internet. Twice a week, Deborah Byrd and Joel Block tackle a listener's scientific question and post a brief audio clip answer, which you can hear at this site.

European Space Agency
They may be running a distant second behind NASA, but this agency has a launch vehicle that positions satellites as well as and cheaper than NASA. Read about research and development and the people who make this small organization a player in outer space.

Hands-On Universe
Students from around the world can request observations from an automated telescope, download images from an impressive image archive, and analyze the data with the aid of user-friendly, image-processing software. Participants must register first.


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National Space Society On-Line
A grass roots organization that looks beyond Mir to the day when people will live, work, and play in space as comfortably as if it were Florida.

Outer Orbit
Dynamic educational resource focuses on space exploration. Teachers can get monthly lesson plans with lively guided class activities. Features news from space and pays special attention to the International Space Station and Mars missions.

Space Telescope Science Institute
The Hubble Space Telescope has more than delivered on its potential. Read about onboard science instruments, maintenance missions and research projects yielding phenomenal data. Loaded with images, educational activities, archives, news and resources.

Kids can launch into space on this instructive tour of the universe, compliments of schoolteachers in Evans, Ga. Enjoy high-quality pictures of the planets, information on space phenomena and a QuickTime movie on the formation of the solar system.

Web Nebulae
Presents stunning images of gaseous nebulae. While there is a tiny bit of information to help you appreciate the images, the intent is to showcase the most beautiful astronomical formations in space. Follow quality links to more in-depth resources.

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