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General Shareware

Association of Shareware Professionals
Learn how to become a member of this professional group of shareware distributors.

Clicked Shareware Gallery
The top 20 picks of shareware in every major category are presented with detailed descriptions.

Electronic Ink Products
Find tools here for Macromedia Director.

Over 60 million files and sites can be found on this shareware search page.

Grafman Productions
This eye-pleasing site has Multimedia, VR, and MUD client shareware and freeware.

Shareware Author Network
This group is designed to promote the cause of the Shareware Author.
c|net's searchable shareware database offers over 160,000 downloadable files.

Shareware Pick of the Month
If you're an author, enter the Shareware of the Month contest. If you're a user, download the latest Shareware of the Month pick.

World File Project
Use World File's searchable database to find the specific shareware files.

ZD Net Software Library
Check out ZD Net's downloadable 'file of the day.'


Business/Finance Shareware

Bed and Breakfast Reservation Software Application
This cool shareware will assist you in running your bed and breakfast smoothly.

Conrad Button's Software
Plan your retirement--download Financial Authority, Mathbook+, and Kurv+.

Credit Repair Software for Windows and DOS
Repair your credit with this shareware!

E-Report Paperless Management Reports
Let this software create the outlines of your management reports for you.


Personal/Leisure Shareware
Download the Javascript world clock, unit converter and financial calculator.

Let this program organize your home and your family.

EmmaSoft Software Co., Inc.
Tired of using too many/too few stamps on your packages? Look up postal rates with the Electronic Postal Window.

Free DigiDay Software
Start your day with some humor! Find cartoons, jokes and cool wallpaper here.

Fund Manager
Manage your own portfolio with a little help.

Gemini and Leo's Meal-Master Page
Find over 47,000 delectable recipes, ready for downloading and tasting...

Movie Sites
This movie guide will send you to popular movie sites for reviews and information.

Mr. Vegas
You can bet your money on (or download for free) this gambling and Las Vegas-related software.

TABS Incorporated
PC-Pager and Little Black Net Book.

Top Sarge Software
This software is to designed to make life easier for professional soldiers.

Wallpaper Deluxe
Want a new screensaver? Find cars, planes and nature images.


Design/Programming Shareware

Custom Textures
Download these textures for use as a background, screensaver, etc.

"A powerful, easy to use shareware CAD program."

Dr. Download
"He's got the cure for the common code!"

From MIT comes PGPfone, aka Pretty Good Privacy Phone, a desktop cryptogrphic telephony application.

Stevenson Technical Services, Inc
Download BBS Informant, BOOT'R, CompuSlave, Infodex, QwkSlave, Replicator and ZIP'R Pro.

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Sports Shareware

Snake-Byte Inc.
If you use a PC and like football, check out the NFL Quarterback Rating Calculator.

WinBowl v2.0
Whip your league into shape with this bowling shareware!



Kitty - Kat Software
Find shareware and freeware for the Mac from a company built around a cat.

Sounds English
Mac users who are also English language learners/teachers will find this shareware helpful.



Benchmark Programs
Find various benchmark programs for DOS and Windows.

DVD X Copy
The Best-Selling software for backing up your DVD movies

Software Site, The
Descriptions, reviews, and screen dumps of PC software abound here.


Publications and News

Benchin' Software Review
This Web directory takes a look at all kinds of software.

Entertainment Software Ratings Board
This independent industry organization provides standardized ratings for entertainment software titles.

IE's VRML Review
VRML software and news, plus links and reviews.

Inside NetWare
A monthly guide with articles on how to ulitilize your Novell NetWare.

MacWare Revue
This Omaha, NE publication offers reviews of and links to Mac O/S freeware and shareware.

Software Digest
Available in over a hundred languages, read about every kind of software that you can think of!



Allen Interactions, Inc.
Multimedia software such as Macromedia Authorware, Director, Shockwave, Backstage, and others are sold here.

Eagen Software
Check out a demo of the OS/2 VRML browser, WarpSpace.

Radiance Software
Specializing in software for VRML authoring and modeling.


For the Young Scientist

Bridge to Learning
If you have a printer, scissors, tape and an imagination, download the "Color, Cut and Fold Village."

Color Me Fun
Try the free coloring demo and register to win a CD-ROM.

CueCards Flashcards
Not just for kids, CueCards will help in the study of any subject. Download a free demo.

Educational Management Systems
Educational software for the PC that teaches Algebra, Internet and Grades Management.

Software for children aged 2 and greater, or for the whole family. Categories include hobbies, sports and education.

Humongous Entertainment
Software with adventures, field trips, arcades and international characters for ages 3 - 8.

Wierenga Software
Wierenga offers programs useful for introducing young children to computers. Downloadable software includes Bert's Dinosaurs, Farm Animals for Windows, Rachel's Fashion Dolls and more.

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