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S & T - Polymers


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Laboratory of Polymers and Composites
This University of North Texas lab specializes in service performance and service life and the development of materials for high temperature, high load and low thermal expansivity applications.

GE Plastics Home Page
Technical data and guidance pertaining to engineering plastics design, processing and performance.

Natural and Synthetic Polymers
A description of some of the University of Twente's chemical technology department research projects.

Polymer Chemistry Hypertext
An educational resource created by students at the University of Missouri- Rolla.

Polymers and Liquid Crystals
Information about the structure and applications of polymers, liquid crystals, polymer liquid crystals and more.

Usenet - sci.polymers
A place to find polymers postings and discussions.


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Publications and News

Polymers DotCom Magazine
Features written by industry experts, poly-chat and a job bank.

Materie plastiche ed Elastomeri
A technical magazine dedicated to the world of polymers.

Organizations and Conferences

Division of Polymer Chemistry (ACS)
The Polymer Division of the American Chemical Society provides meetings, awards, workshops and job information.

University of Hamburg - Liquid Crystal Group
The European conference on liquid crystals will be held March 3-8, 1997 in Zakopane, Poland.

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