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S & T - Organic Chemistry


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Alchemist's Den
A collection of organic chemistry links.

ChemExper Chemical Directory
Anyone may search this site, free of charge, for a chemical and a supplier.

Farchan Laboratories
Specializing in Acetylene and Organo-silicon Chemistry.

Learning Matters of Chemistry
Learning resources for chemistry, including visualization of atomic orbitals, 3D animations and interactive multimedia programs.

Molecular Modeling Software
Organic chemistry and molecular modeling consulting.

Organic Chemistry Resources Worldwide
This is an annotated collection of sites for the professional organic chemist.

Organometallic Chemistry Lab
This Seoul National University lab researches arene manganese carbonyl complexes, HDS and HDN-related reactions and more.

Photochemical Reactions of Organic Compounds
A page on photochemistry and kinetics.

Browse the Periodic Table of the Elements.


Publications and News

Chemket Database
This organic literature database containing 45,000 references using Filemaker Pro.


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Contemporary Organic Synthesis
This bimonthly journal reviews methodology, selectivity and efficiency in contemporary synthesis.

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry
The jounal exists to publish original papers, preliminary communications and annual surveys dealing with theoretical and practical organic chemistry.

Methods in Organic Synthesis
A reference source designed to meet the requirements of synthetic organic chemists.


Organizations and Conferences

American Chemical Society
The 213th National ACS Meeting will be held in San Francisco, April 13-17, 1997.

Canadian Society for Chemistry Organic Division
The 80th Canadian Chemical Conference and Exhibition will be held June 1-4, 1997 in Windsor, Ontario.

Synthetic Organic Manufacturing Association (SOCMA)
The Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers' Association will meet May 4-7, 1997 in Hilton Head, SC.

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