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S & T - Operating Systems


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DOS Command Index
This reference documents many DOS commands and concepts.

Mark's Candy Store
DOS freeware utilities and applications.

Mike Podanoffsky's DOS Page
Code for RxDOS, which is MSDOS compatible.

This operating system is fully compatible with MS-DOS.



Debian Linux
Free Software Foundation's Linux distribution.

How to Pronounce Linux
Do you pronounce it correctly?

Linux AI and Alife Mini-HowTo
This site addresses the use of Linux for research into artificial intelligence and artificial life.

Linux Documentation Project
A list of ongoing Linux projects.

Linux International
A general introduction to Linux, job ads, third party products and a list of mirror sites can be found here.

Linux Kernel Changes
From kernel version 1.1.13 to current.

Linux Organization
Designed to organize communication between Linux developers and users, this not-for-profit group distributes Linux information.

Linux Source Navigator
View the source code to Linux in hypertext.

Linux--The Free Un*x Clone
This large site offers a Linux search engine, documentation, lists of WWW and FTP Servers and a list of programs.



Check out the free Macintosh version of MINIX, a Unix clone complete with source code.

Download the System 7.5.5 Update.

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Matt's Macintosh Development Page
Find a set of Macintosh development links.

Nexus Mac Resources
An official searchable index of Macintosh-related resources.



The Official #unix Home Page
When you can't find the answers you need in a FAQ, try asking someone on the IRC.

Hot Topic: Unix 25th Anniversary
Take advantage of this special occasion to learn some Unix history.

Unix Consulting and Developing
A collection of pages with links to UNIX vendors, UNIX clones, software and more.

Unix FAQ
Almost all you've ever wanted to know about Unix.

Unix Guru Universe
For Unix System Administrators to find answers quickly.

Unix Is a Four-Letter Word
A paper designed to acquaint new users with Unix.

UNIX Reference Desk
One of the best Unix resources available online.

Unix Resources
This well-organized University of Texas site includes FAQs, documentation, questions and answers.

Unix Software
Archives of Unix software resources are here.

This not-for-profit international consortium is dedicated to the advancement of open systems throughout the world.

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