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S & T - Meteorology


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The Daily Planet
The University of Illinois' meteorology guide, featuring a weather visualizer.

Global Atmospheric Modeling
Provided by NASA research, this site emphasizes the lower and middle atmosphere, posting results of ozone layer study.

John Monteverdi's Storm Page
Read the case studies of several major storms, including weather graphics and photos.

National Weather Service
This government organization has listed national forecasts, maps and Frequently Asked Questions.

Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison
This site features software tools developed for the world climate community.

This site is dubbed "an electronic photo gallery of the atmosphere."

Storm Chasing in Minnesota
See pictures and chase accounts of severe storms in or near Minnesota.

Warren Faidley's Storm Chaser
This page chronicles the adventures of Warren Faidley, who's made a career of storm chasing.

 Publications and News

CNN Weather Page
U.S. and world forecasts, including satellite and radar maps.

Published at the United Nations climate meetings, ECO is the newsletter of the Climate Action Network.

National Warnings Area
The NOAA issues warnings for all disasters, from winter storms to hurricanes.

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Storm Chasing []
Get the latest Oklahoma storm news and pictures from CBS affiliate KWTV Channel 9.

The Weather Channel
Get 24-hour news and forecasts for your area.

Weather News International
In addition to the international forecasts, WNI features risk communication services and disaster alerts.


Organizations and Conferences

American Meteorological Society
The AMS 77th Annual Meeting will be held in Long Beach, CA from Feb. 2-7, 1997.

World Meteorological Organization
Concerned with all aspects of world climate, this United Nations specialized agency hosts the World Meteorological Conference every four years.


For the Young Scientist

Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page
This interactive weather page for kids teaches about clouds, temperature, pressure, wind and forecasting. You may also email your weather questions to Dan.

National Association of Amateur Weather ObServers (NAAWO)
If you're a weather enthusiast, become a member of this non-profit organization to discuss weather and share knowledge with other members. Adults are welcome, too.

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