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S & T - Mathematics

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Links to free and commercial sources of software and examples of this modeling language.

Ask Dr. Math
Dr. Math answers your questions, ranging from elementary through post-college levels of difficulty.

Briefbook of Data Analysis
An extended glossary in encyclopedic format -- useful as both an introduction and as a reference -- that covers subjects in statistics, computing, analysis and related fields.

Dynamical Systems
Conference announcements, addresses and preprints are available here for the dynamics community.

Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC)
Research reports, surveys and books on computational complexity.

European Mathematical Information Service (EMIS), The
Access to the mammoth (and searchable) MATH Database, a compilation of over 1.5 million bibliographic references dating from 1931, and to the journals, conference proceedings and monographs in the Electronic Library of Mathematics.

Fixed Point Theory on the Web
Everything you've wanted to know, plus additional resources about fixed point theory, the techniques for proposing conditions under which sets of assumptions have solutions.

Flash Cards for Kids!
Set up to help kids learn basic math skills while on the Internet, this interactive flash-card project takes the old standby and brings it online. Make it as hard or easy as you deem necessary for your child's learning experience.

Hypatia Library
This is a directory of research workers in pure mathematics and computer science, and a library of their papers.

Knot a Braid of Links
New mathematics sites are featured every week here, highlighting new discoveries.

The Knot Square
A collection of knots and links, viewed from a mathematical perspective.

Level Set Methods
This site addresses the evolution of interfaces, including a general introduction, interactive Java scripts, and movies.


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Math Comics
This delightful site has cartoons concerning math teachers, fractions, pi and more.

Math Pages
The site has over 300 articles on a varitey of mathematical topics, including number theory, combinatorics, geometry, algebra and more.

Mathematical Quotation Server
Use a key-word search to find your favorite mathematical quotation.

Mathematics Archives
The university-level mathematics professor can find teaching resources here, including software and links.

Mathematics Essays
A variety of essays are found here, most taken from the Usenet group sci.math.

Mathematics FAQ
This Frequently Asked Questions list addresses topics that range from the trivial to Wiles' recent proof of Fermat's Last Theorem.

Math Forum, The
Math teachers, parents and anybody else interested in numbers should find a friend in The Math Forum. This resource strives to delight and enlighten individuals interested in developing new methods for teaching a sometimes-vilified subject.

This math enthusiast's site contains an encyclopedia of mathematical equations, terms and derivations.

This Is Mega-Mathematics!
This innovative collaboration between parents, teachers, and students across the United States takes the unique perspective that many mathematical concepts -- like infinity -- are accessible to young children if the proper approach is made.

Transformations are described algebraically, geometrically and arithmetically.

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