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S & T - Geology


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Ask someone from the U.S. Geological Survery your most pressing earth science question.

Bedform Sedimentology
Bedform images, software, and QuickTime movies.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Earthquake Page
Find out how to prepare, what to do during and how to help after a quake. Includes instuctions on how to apply for Federal Aid and even what you can do for Fido.

You will need a browser that supports Java applets to view recent or historical earthquake activity using The California Institute of Technology's SeismoCam.

United States Geological Survey
Real-time seismic and GPS monitoring of earthquakes in Southern California. The site includes earthquake lists, maps and links to other sources of earthquake information.

Volcanoes Page, Michigan Technological University
Find where the world's volcanoes are located and explore recent and ongoing volcanic activity via maps, photographs and reports.


Publications and News

American Mineralogist
This bimonthly publication of the Mineralogical Society of America indexes peer-reviewed papers.

GemNews has market and mining updates on precious stones.

Southeastern Geology
This Duke University quarterly journal gives an overview of the geology of the Eastern U.S.

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Organizations and Conferences

American Geophysical Union Meetings
Students and researchers will be able to share research results at the Fall meeting in San Francisco, Dec. 15 - 19, 1996 or at the Spring meeting in Baltimore, May 27 - 30, 1997.

European Research Conferences
1996 conferences are still available on Natural Waters and Water Technology and Geochemistry of Crustal Fluids.

Geological Association of Canada (GAC)
The GAC and the Mineralogical Association of Canada(MAC) are presenting a 1997 conference in Ottawa.



San Bernardino County Museum
The geology and anthropology of Southern California are featured here.


For the Young Scientist

Virtual Cave
Go spelunking through this site to discover how mineral deposits make beautiful rock formations.

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