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S & T - Earth Science

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American Geophysical Union
Premier site for resources and information in earth and environmental sciences.

CNN Interactive -- Earth
Packed with news and information from the environmental front. How is deforestation affecting wetlands? How can endangered species be preserved? These and other pressing environmental issues are the focus. Stories are capped with links to resources.

Earth & Sky
The popular radio program "Earth & Sky" has a new home on the Internet. Twice a week, Deborah Byrd and Joel Block tackle a listener's scientific question and post a brief audio clip answer, which you can hear at this site.

Earth and Environmental Science
The U.S. Geological Survey's registry of earth and environmental science resources on the Internet.

Earth Science Data in Transition
Archived information on the earth and space sciences, collected by the National Space Science Data Center.

Earth Science Emporium
Astronomy, geology, meteorology and oceanography links for the earth science educator or enthusiast.

Earth/Geoscience Information on the Internet
Browse almost 1,000 links to geology, meteorology, paleontology, volcanology and other related Web sites.

A searchable database of more than 100,000 downloadable photos of the Earth taken from space. Virtually every planetary phenomena is covered in the collection, which helps illustrate geography, geology, meteorology, erosion, pollution and deforestation.

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A searchable database of photos of the Earth taken from space.

Join a discussion forum devoted to the history of geology and the geosciences.

A rich collection of resources for students in the geosciences helps to enhance the understanding of course material. Explore study guides, online texts and interactive instruction.

U.S. Geological Survey
Geologic, topographic and hydrologic information, maps and vast databases of descriptions and analyses of water, energy and mineral resources are available one way or another through this site. Good earth science educational resources, too.

Wadsworth Earth Science Resource Center
Comprehensive resource covers earth sciences, from atmospherics to remote sensing. Find newsgroups, virtual field trips, classroom experiments and grant info as well as resources in cartography, geology and meteorology, among other disciplines.

Websurfer´s Biweekly Earth Science Review
Get a personal perspective on the multitude of Internet sites devoted to the terrestrial and planetary sciences.

Windows to the Universe
A multimedia exploration of the earth and space sciences, from myths about the planets to missions to the stars. Features adjustable lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced learners.

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