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S & T - Computer Science

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Artificial Intelligence


HCI (Human-Computer Interaction)



Parallel Supercomputing



University Departments


Advanced Computing Laboratory
Offering general information, a bulletin board, project descriptions and support links for this government-supported supercomputing laboratory. Resource information is also provided.

Andrew Consortium, The
The Andrew Consortium, named after the co-founder of Carnegie Mellon University, offers a graphical user interface system used to combine a variety of software functions into one. Andrew, the name of the product, is available free for downloading.

Argonne National Laboratory: Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Information on the latest research, resources, software, publications and staff at the MCS division of the Argonne National Laboratory, which is primarily funded by the Department of Energy. Scalable supercomputers are featured as a research tool.

Association for Computing Machinery
Offering membership information, publication guides, policy positions and career opportunities, ACM also has a digital library and a programming contest.

Center for Information Technology, The
CIT provides general information about the center, its alliances and mission. Supplying a link between business and educational computer science, the center is associated with Stanford University.

Center of the International Cooperation for Computerization
CICC promotes the use and utilization of computers and technology in developing countries. Based in Tokyo, Japan, the center offers training, project development, and alliance building skills to help level the playing field of computer technology.

Centre for Computing Information Systems and Mathematics
Combining online learning, computer science research, student postings and general information about the Internet, this division of Athabasca University acts as a somewhat independent entity.

Communications Research Centre
Primarily a government-funded research faciltiy to promote technology and computer science in Canadian industry, CRC offers business development, research, human resources, links and general information about the center.

Computer and Communication Entry Page
Offering extensive links to Web sites, Usenet News Groups, FAQs, companies, media and projects dealing with computers, computer science, communications and Information Technology, this site provides a starting point for investigations of computing.

Computer Science Instructional Laboratory
The Computer Science Instructional Laboratory provides personal home pages, basic CSIL resources, policies and announcements.

Computer Sciences Corporation
Offering press releases, a calender, contact information and a search engine at its site, the Computer Sciences Corporation provides CS services to business and governments alike.

Computing Research Association
A consortium of more than 180 North American computer science departments from academic institutions, the CRA provides information on computer science research, jobs, organizations, publications and government affairs.

The Mining Co. provides links to hardware, software, online and magazine resources on science and computing, including computer science and operating systems. Chat and feedback features are also offered.

Cosmic, NASA's Partner for Software Technology, provides information about its research services, proprietary programs, catalog and ordering procedures. Contact information is also provided.


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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Part of the United States Department of Defense, DARPA provides budget information for the agency, photos of some declassified projects, press releases, and general and contact information.

German National Research Center for Information Technology
The GMD offers a virtual tour of its facilities, institute information, reports on its research into informatics, communications and media. A multimedia forum is also provided.

IEEE Computational Science and Engineering
Offering subscription information about this magazine devoted to computer science and engineering, the site also has an editorial calender and a digital library.

Microsoft Research
Industry-based research in computer science and Information Technology subjects is presented by Microsoft at this site. Demos, journals, conference information and tech reports are provided.

NASA Center for Computational Sciences
Offering information about the supercomputing, mass storage, networking, scientific visualization studio and user services at NCCS, this site also provides end-of-year reports and contact information.

National Center for Supercomputing Applications
Information about NCSA, its alliances, software technology, advanced computing and outreach programs is available at this site. The NCSA magazine is also provided.

National Computing Centre
Offering resources on Information Technology projects and problems, including the year 2000 bug, this site has consultancy, systems engineering, recruitment and escrow services for businesses and educational users.

Numerical Research Group for Supercomputers
The Numerical Research Group for Supercomputers provides information and resources on topics such as the finite difference method, the finite element method, linear solvers and black-box solvers. Contact and general information is also available.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory: Computer Science and Mathematics Division
Mission statements, program links, facility information and general facts about the Computer Science and Mathematics Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory are provided at this site.

SEL-HPC Article Archive
A archive of articles dealing with many topics of high performance computing, including vision and image processing, neural networks and human-computer interaction.

Soft Center
Combining the resources of 50 companies and an universitys together to do research on information technology, computer science and business integration of computer technologies. A newsletter and multilingual versions are available.

WWW Sources in Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science
Resource lists divided into categories of computer science, physics and mathematics provide links, papers, and software for the various disciplines.

Xanadu Australia
The Xandu Project is a computer science exploration of file paradigms. Information about the relational database features of the proposed system, as well as general information and FAQs documents are available at this site.

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