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S & T - Chemistry

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Abbreviations of Chemical Compounds
This index of chemical abbreviations can be a handy tool. Did you know that you were eating butylated hydroxotoluene (BHT) with every bite of your corn flakes? At last, an easy way to find out exactly what chemical abbreviations and acronyms mean.

Animated GIFs and Protein Chemistry
Find out how the GIF 89A can be used as a powerful tool for teaching about biochemistry.

Carmen Giunta's Classic Chemistry Page
Procure the texts of several classic papers from the history of chemistry and obtain pointers to other chemistry-related sites.

CAS Document Detective Service
The Chemical Abstracts Service Document Detective Service (CAS DDS) provides print copies of documents, journal articles, patents and dissertations.

Sheffield's ChemDex organizes an extensive assortment of links to other chemistry Web sites and Internet resources.

ChemEd - Chemistry Education Resources
A collection of links to chemistry-specific education resources is maintained by Alan Cairns.

Chemical On-line Presentations, Talks and Workshops
A collection of public talks on chemistry research subjects.

Chemical On-line Presentations, Talks and Workshops
Contribute the URL of any chemically orientated talk, poster or workshop presentation that you have made or will make to an audience.

Chemical Patents Plus
Chemical Patents Plus offers the full text for all classes of patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office from 1975 to the present.

Chemical Patents Plus!
Search the full text of all patents issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office since 1975.

CHEMINFO: Chemical Information Sources
Cheminfo will help you find and learn how to use chemistry information resources on the Internet and elsewhere.

Chemistry - Resources for the Classroom
This page has been designed to aid teachers of 6th form chemistry in New Zealand schools.

Chemistry Central
A collection of links points to online resources for chemists.

Chemistry Teacher Resources
Chemistry Teacher Resources provides labs, information sheets and other resources which teachers can access.

Chemistry Teaching Resources
Explore a comprehensive list of categorized chemistry teaching resources on the Internet.

Chemistry Tutor Page
Chemistry students access a complete hypertext introduction to the field, its branches and its methods.

Chemistry Visualized
Multimedia slides and animations are intended to complement regular chemistry course materials.

The ChemTeam's goal is to provide study resources for students in high school and Advanced Placement chemistry.

Global Instructional Chemistry
Chemistry instructors and students obtain a variety of resources to augment and enhance their chemistry courses.

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Hazardous Chemical Database
Retrieve information on almost 2,000 hazardous chemicals.

High School Chemistry Teaching World Wide Web Resources
Teachers obtain lesson plans and details about chemistry experiments, demonstrations and teaching materials.

Hyperactive Molecules
A collection of molecules from servers around the world can be viewed interactively.

Information Retrieval in Chemistry
This project brings colleagues closer to information offered across the Internet in the field of chemistry and facilitates the search process.

Internet Chemistry Resources
A selective list of resources related to chemistry and associated fields is organized according to either Internet service or subject.

Mark's Chemistry Tutor
Mark introduces the language of chemistry to beginners.

Overview of Chemical Mailing Lists
Find out how to join a variety of chemistry discussion groups.

Overview of Chemical Mailing Lists
Descriptions of mailing lists that deal with chemistry include information about how to subscribe and how to use the archives.

Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools
Browse Pedro's collection of links to online information and services useful to molecular biologists.

Structural Classification of Proteins (SCOP)
This database provides a detailed description of the structural and evolutionary relationships between all proteins whose structures are known.

Superconductor Crystal Structures
Explore a superconductor crystal structure database and multimedia illustrations of superconductor crystal structures.

Temperature Conversion Calculator
Ever see a weather report where the temperature is presented in degrees of centigrade, and you still don't know how cold it is? Now you can link to this Web page and find out that 20 degrees Celsius is 68 degrees Fahrenheit or 293.15 Kelvin.

UnCover is an online article delivery service, a table of contents database, and a keyword index to nearly 17,000 periodicals.

Virtual Scrapyard
Find chemistry instructional equipment for cheap or free and unload your surplus gear.

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