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S & T - Chemistry

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Chemistry - Resources for the Classroom
Games, experiments and other activities for elementary school teachers.

Chemistry Hypermedia Project
Online tutorials and other resources for teaching and learning chemistry at an undergraduate level.

Chemistry Teaching Resources
A comprehensive directory: from chemistry curiosities to textbooks and supplies.

High School Chemistry Teaching World Wide Web Resources
Experiments and lesson plans for chemistry teachers.

MathMol (Mathematics and Molecules)
An introduction to molecular modeling, the fast-growing field of visualizing molecules and simulating their systems.

An interactive tour of current research in the materials sciences at Berkeley Lab's Advanced Light Source.


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Representation of Molecular Models Rendering Techniques
A tutorial on representing the structures and surfaces of molecules with computer imaging.

The Catalyst
Online resources for high school chemistry teachers.

The Northern Illinois University Chemistry Directory
Search this electronic phone book for information on chemistry professionals.

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