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Alpha Wolf Domain
Enjoy two rooms of wolf chat, great pictures and detailed info about this howling canine animal.

Desert Moon's Wolf Page
Lots of links to useful places for canine and wolf enthusiasts with computers.

Graywolf's Information Page
Get the real facts about wolves, take in a few photos and benefit from their page of alternative links.

International Wolf Center
They've got tons of educational resources and programs, reference materials, graphics, merchandising and a full range of activities to protect the gray wolf.

North American Wolf Association
A non-profit organization dedicated to the reintroduction and preservation of wolves. They provide tons of links and educational resources.

Ring of the Wolf
Lengthen the chain of this wolf-themed Web ring or link to some of the participating sites.

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Searching Wolf
Tremendous wolf and wolf hybrid resources, sound files, photos, quizes, news, opinions and commentary

Wild Canid Survival and Research Center
Adopt-A-Wolf, volunteer at their wolf sanctuary, read wolf stories and keep up on the best news and problems facing the modern wolf.

Wolf Dog Coalition
Fighting for issues and educating the public about the issues that will benefit dogs, wolf dogs and wolves.

Wolf Haven
A Java-script haven with a bit of information on wolves. Send a wolf postcard across the Internet.

Wolf Haven
Since 1982, this pro-wolf non-profit organization educates the public and protects the rights and habitats of the wild wolves and wolf dogs.

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