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Look at Whales, A
Explore the IMAX film on the famous marine mammal, as well as the general characteristics and a profile of the various species.

Song of the Whale
Read through the research diary of this ship dedicated to the study of marine mammals and the conservation and welfare of all sea animals.

Virtual Whales
3D animation and sound environment for the visualization of the feeding behaviours of Pacific Humpback Whales.

Whale Adoption Project
Keep abreast of humpback whale news and tourist updates and show your support by adopting a whale and learning more about them for yourself or for a gift.

Whale Club
Help support and protect marine wildlife while taking advantage of great educational resources, dolphin and whale facts, community outreach and much more.

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Whale Songs
Follow the International Fund for Animal Welfare's ship through the Azores as its crew compiles data on cetaceans.

Fostering excitement about learning and the environment through the promotion and support of whales and their habitats.

Whales Alive
Find details of the upcoming yearly conference on the current status of whales.

Whales on the Net
A great educational resource for kids and whale lovers alike. Contains the whale FAQ, history, news, public policy, and a day in the life of various species of marine mammal.


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